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December 6, 2016 / Staff Management

Plan now to keep yearbook work flowing over the holidays

Written by Elizabeth Braden, CJE

The holiday season is here, but you are probably well aware that a little yearbook work needs to be mixed in with all the upcoming festivities and family time.

Now is a great time to plan student life coverage for the winter break. Editors need to put into place plans to review spreads and proofs, plus meet any deadlines.

Here are some tips for advisers and editors to keep the work moving.

  • Meet if you need to. Editors may need to meet once or twice during the break. You could meet in a coffee shop or mall food court. Consider using Skype to meet if the weather is bad. Google Docs and other such tools provide a means to keep tabs on stories and ideas, and can even be used for brainstorming.
  • Help staff continue working. Make sure you know what every staff member is working on before school lets out. Review with them what tools they will need to complete their work while at home, such as access to Google Docs or Online Design, a list of student and faculty names to check spellings, and access to the AP Stylebook and your staff style manual. If they don’t have a dictionary, make them aware of online dictionaries.
  • Have a proofing plan. If you use InDesign, you will need to a plan to get proofs read and returned to the plant promptly. If you use Online Design, tell your staff how they can use the Message Center to let you know a spread is ready for proofing.

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Elizabeth Braden, CJE

Elizabeth Braden, CJE, is the former editor of Idea File magazine. Before retiring, she was a copywriter for Walsworth Yearbooks for more than 15 years, writing articles for various marketing materials, and proofreading copy for the Yearbook and Commercial divisions. Her career included reporting and editing for United Press International and editing for Knight-Ridder Financial News. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Media News from the University of Tulsa.