Join us this summer!

From July 12-16, Walsworth Yearbooks is proud to host our first ever National Virtual Workshop.

This live, online event is open to schools across the country, and will give yearbook advisers and staffs the chance to get their 2022 books off to the right start!

National Virtual Workshop Session Descriptions

Session Descriptions

Learn more about the sessions at the 2021 National Virtual Workshop. Use the links to jump to the sessions on a specific day.

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

Monday Theme Classes

MASTER CLASS: Theme, What’s the Point?
Theme is a misunderstood concept. Often, yearbooks think theme means cool cover elements. This master class will explore how to capture a true essence of the school year with an appropriate theme phrase, theme copy unifying design, photography and, most importantly, story elements. Becky Tate, CJE, and Susan Massy

Incorporating Your Theme
You’ve decided on a theme that captures the feelings and expectations of the coming year, and it’s unique to your school. But how can you incorporate that theme throughout your book? In this session, we’ll explore creative ways to integrate your theme beyond just the opening and closing pages. This is a Yearbook 101 class. Susan McNulty, CJE

*We recommend that all new staffers attend this session, in order to learn everything yearbook, from the terminology to basics of design, how to conduct interviews and write captions and stories.

Theme is Supreme
Selecting a theme with strong verbal and visual messaging, is the key to a well-designed book. In this class we will discuss theme development, planning, and process. How do you come up with a great theme?  How important is that cover anyway?  How do we carry that theme through every page without beating a dead horse? Laurel Wilke

Hello Theme, It’s Me, Relevance
It’s time for your theme to meet relevance. Before a page, quick read or module is designed it better be relevant and relatable. Can it be sold to an audience? Can it be sold to those photographed, interviewed, or surveyed? Can it be sold to those building the pages? Shannon Williams

Side bars, Mods, and Packages, Oh, my!
How can you incorporate alternative coverage into your book? Have a spread design that is just missing something? Missing something on your page but you don't know what? By adding side bars, mods and packages to your spread, you can fix these issues. We will learn different ways to incorporate alternative information and include more students in your book and easy ways to collect all the information without recreating the wheel! Cory Bentley

Middle School Theme
Your yearbook tells the story of your year, so start your theme there. Learn how to pinpoint your school's story and then find the words and the design pieces that help your readers know the book is all about them and how cool their stories are. Jason Davis, CJE

How to Theme Naturally
Sometimes we try hard and beat up our readers with our theme. We spend too much time with gimmicks. Learn how to make your theme smooth and natural. Leland Mallett, CJE

Tuesday Writing Classes

MASTER CLASS: All Glowed Up 
Make sure your book steps up to sound like 2022. Learn how to capture the mood and feel of your school year. What’s your school really sound like? Where can you find the rich stories within your school? We’ll help you glow up your yearbook book so that it sounds like your school and not Mrs. Pundt, the English teacher who still teaches the same handouts from 1984. Leland Mallett, CJE, Dow Tate

It's Not a Monster
Theme copy doesn't have to be the scariest writing that goes into your book. After talking about suggestions for writing compelling theme copy, sometimes dissecting the theme copy from current books is the best way to learn. In this session, that's exactly what we will do – talk about theory and then look at great theme copy from the past few years. Susan Massy

When kids are bored, what are they doing? Staring at their phones! That’s why it’s essential for your yearbook staff to be there to engage with your community. We’ll talk about different ways to use Instagram for coverage, yearbook teasers and sales promotion. Julia Satterthwaite, MJE 

The key to writing excellent copy and captions is to prepare for the most important part of the reporting process: the interview. In this session, we’ll cover what you need to do before, during and after interviews to ensure you’ll have top notch copy in your yearbook. Julia Satterthwaite, MJE

Headline writing
Headlines don’t have to be a headache. We’ll identify some simple steps to make headline writing a breeze…or at least not a dreaded chore. Amy Morgan, MJE

Tell your readers a story rather than inundating them with data. Go beyond basic facts to get to the heart of a story. We will walk through the writing process to help you become a storyteller for your school. Amy Morgan, MJE

Captions for the Ages
Learn to write captions to tell the story your readers will want to know in 20 years. This course will focus on the "who cares?", "what do I need to add?" and "why does this matter?" of great caption writing. Michelle Shue

Personality Profiles
The success of your yearbook is determined by the stories that you tell. And the best stories, of course, are about people! In this session we'll explore how to get the most out of your personality profiles, including strategies on how to find great ones and write them so that your readers will love them! Brian Wilson, MJE

Alternative Story Formats
Push yourself and your team to tell the story of the year in as many different forms as possible. The more tools you have in your infographic toolbox, the better your coverage will be! Brian Wilson, MJE

I'd Read That: 25 Side Salad Story Ideas
Humans are visual and that's especially true for teenagers, but how can we deliver interesting information in easy-to-read visual formats? Here are 25 story ideas for side salad mods and tips on how to write these reader-friendly tidbits! This is a great course for students looking to modernize their yearbooks with lots of visual variety and reader entry points on a layout. Vanessa Martinez, CJE

Captions in Middle School
Bring your middle school book to the next level by incorporating captions that stand out and tie everything together. In this course, we will look at the basics of caption writing, learn why captions are important and how they provide interesting perspectives on the topics they cover...They are primary sources of the school year's history. Cory Bentley

Journalistic Writing in Middle School
You've done a great interview, now what do you do with it? Learn how to find the best quotes and build a feature story around them, starting with the perfect lead. Jason Davis, CJE

Wednesday Photography, Leadership and Marketing Classes

The photography Master Class has been engineered for experienced photographers and photo editors to enhance the storytelling impact of photography in the yearbook. Participants will work with experts on four sessions focusing on storytelling, sports photography, portraits, and photo editing tips. Each session will include a hands-on challenge and critique. Students must have their own camera and access to photo editing software for the duration of the class. Alyssa Boehringer, CJE, and Mitchell Franz

Basic Photo Skills
This session will cover basic camera functions, understanding photo composition and choosing the right photo. We will look at award-winning middle and high school photography for examples and inspiration. Andrew Young, CJE

Photo Camera Setting
This course will introduce the students to the basics of the exposure triangle and how adjustments to aperture, shutter speed and ISO affect both the quality of the image and the story it tells. Great attention will be placed on how to accurately stop action on the court or field, how to create areas of attention with depth of field, and how to walk through a decision tree to capture the moment regardless of shooting conditions. Dr. Tod Traughber, CJE

Photo Composition
This course will examine the various features that make up a great photo. Going beyond exposure, focus and blur, the class will identify elements of great photography that will help take your skills to the next level. With plenty of examples and shooting scenarios to share, students will gain useful tips on how to bring their A-Game every time they pick up a camera. Dr. Tod Traughber, CJE

Award-winning Intangibles
Learn the skills that the best high school photojournalists have beyond knowledge of f-stops and shutter speeds. Dow Tate

Photo Color Correcting we have a photo on the camera, and we think it's pretty good...but, now what? Although the class will be using Adobe Lightroom to make explanations, this course will introduce the students to the fundamentals of post-processing with a focus on what all software packages are trying to do regardless of the platform. Dr. Tod Traughber, CJE

Photo Editing for Designers (Photoshop)
Granted, no amount of editing will turn a massively under- or over-exposed, out-of-focus image into a showstopper, but some basic tips on composition and cropping as well as some minor editing techniques can help you, as a designer, show off your photographers' works of art in the best possible way. We will look at spreads that could have been improved using these techniques as well as allow some time at the end of the session for you to try out your new skills. Susan Massy

*Become a Master at Marketing
Hanging “Buy a yearbook” posters may be losing some of the appeal that it once had. Marketing is using the tools you have before you, so why not learn to use social media to sell books and tributes? Kathy Beers

*This class may run over the 40-minute time allotment.

**Leading with Purpose
Leadership isn’t about knowing everything, it’s more about anticipating what is coming and knowing where to find answers. This master class will focus on concrete steps to help you prepare for the year ahead including monthly reminders, what you need to make sure your staff learns at the beginning of the year as well as tips on what you should be doing now. Becky Tate, CJE, and Susan Massy

**This is a one and a half hour class.

***Be a LEADer
So, you’re an editor, now what? Come learn what this role entails and how motivating others is the key to a successful leader. We’ll also discuss deadline management, conflict resolution and having fun! Renée Burke, MJE

***Special KEYNOTE that will take place at 4 p.m.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork: How to Build Teamwork in a Student Run Room
Building leaders is as important in the yearbook room as building designers, writers and photographers. Here are some ideas to get kids more involved, more interested and more committed in yearbook class. Laurel Wilke

There's a List for That: Yearbook Workflow
Get staffers and editors on the same page when it comes to workflow in this course, which will distribute editable versions of the checklists and procedures used by The Legend yearbook staff in El Paso, Texas, to keep copy, photography, design and editing moving from deadline to deadline! This is a great course for publication leaders. Vanessa Martinez, CJE

How to be an Editor
Now that you’re in charge, what does that look like? Learn ways to be a respected leader in a drama-free yearbook room while making a book the whole staff and school will love. Leland Mallett, CJE

Thursday Design Classes

MASTER CLASS: Design Challenge
Expand your design skills with three rounds of advanced design challenges. Learn the vocab to talk design and the rules of organization, then break them. Over the course of the session, designers will be challenged to take their beginning inspiration and basic sports spread and apply different elements of design to encourage conscientious design and reader eyeflow. For the final round, designers will experiment with breaking the rules to create fresh, original, effective designs that maximize story telling.

This session is for editors and advanced designers. Each hour-long round will consist of a 25-minute presentation, then coaching time to experiment and get feedback. Before the session, attendees should have a collection of inspiration pieces and a roughed-in sports spread, complete with a real headline and placed images. Brit Taylor, CJE, Christina Porcelli, Courtney Hanks, MJE

Design C.R.A.P.
Learn about some of the basics of yearbook design: C.R.A.P.! Learn how color, repetition, alignment, and proximity can help you design a knockout yearbook spread for your 2022 book. Tucker Love

How to be a Design Pickpocket
You know how the great artists like Degas and Renoir began by copying the earlier masters? Well, beginning designers need to develop an eye for great design, too. This class will focus on seeking design inspiration and how to apply it for beginning designers. Laurel Wilke

Hierarchy in Design
Learn about the importance of visual hierarchy in your yearbook spread. Understand how reading levels, sizing, spacing, typefaces and color come into play in keeping your reader on your page. Making smart design choices will control the impact of your spread and deliver the details to your reader. Elizabeth Luna

Choosing the Right Font
This course will explore the fundamental elements of typeface as well as give students rules to follow when making their type selections. A wide variety of font pairings and font sources will be explored as will options on how to cheat when limited by design software. Dr. Tod Traughber, CJE

Design with Type
A next-step course focused on design, this class will explore how to maximize the potential of your chosen typeface on your spreads. Examples from across the country will be used to perform "Spread-Autopsies" attempting to capture the heart of what works and why. Dr. Tod Traughber, CJE

Design Like You Care
Spend your time obsessing over levels of design details. Peel back the layers to uncover what takes a design from ‘meh’ to ‘amazing.’ Get lost in the details of perfection. Whether it’s type, color, photos or graphics, a genius designer will leave no stone unturned. Shannon Williams

Delicious Design: A Balanced Mod Meal
How can a designer engage the reader with a well-balanced layout? In this course, you will learn how to combine photography, headlines, graphics and writing into a feast for the eyes with modular design. Get ready to ingest nutritious ideas like white space, hierarchy and rhythm! Vanessa Martinez, CJE

Headlines Make it Happen
Words and design matter when creating headlines for a spread. It’s not just a story that needs a headline and subhead; other copy packages also need these. Understanding how to be clever without being cliche and designing without decorating makes the difference between a good yearbook spread and an awesome one. Learn how to aim for awesomeness. Becky Tate, CJE

Middle School Design 
Help your readers enjoy your book even more with four simple steps: change it up, repeat it, line it up, get it together. Design is all about communicating with your readers, so let them know your yearbook is awesome with snappy design that makes them want to read the whole spread. Jason Davis, CJE

Friday Technology Classes

*Friday’s Classes will be both recorded and live “Learn as you go” sessions.

InDesign/Photoshop Training from Beginner to Advanced
Sometimes learning and using yearbook technology is one of the most feared aspects for an InDesign or Photoshop user. We can help you with that, touching on everything from the basic tools, the Walsworth Control Palette to even more advanced features of InDesign and Photoshop. We're here for experienced staffers too, with some tips and tricks we wish we would have known sooner in order to make our adviser lives easier. Ronna Woodward, MJE, Karen Johnson, MJE

Online Design/Yearbook 360
Explore Yearbook 360 and Online Design. Do you have experience in Online Design? Maybe you have never opened it. Today our experts will take you through all aspects of Walsworth’s online experience. Jim Straub, Lori Mortland, CJE, Carolyn Henderson, CJE

InDesign Tech Help: The Advanced Workspace
Learn the ins and outs of InDesign’s advanced workspace and how to maximize your workflow. Make use of the different window panels and control panels to quickly create your spreads. Tucker Love

Photoshop Tech Help: Editing Your Photos Using Layers
Learn how to quickly edit your photos using layers, instead of pixel destroying with the edit menu. Keep the integrity of your photo and explore new ways to edit your stellar photography. Tucker Love

In this design seminar, you will learn how Canva can change your program's social media game. Canva can be used for more than just social media though. We will look at ways to create headline packages, mods and more. Dan Sidwell

Found it in the Library
If you use InDesign to create your book and you are the editor or adviser, it’s time to take your style guide and create a library to share with your staff. Detailed libraries can really help with consistency in your yearbook. They might look hard to make, but they aren’t. Come learn how to create and use a style guide and InDesign library for use with your 2022 yearbook. Becky Tate, CJE

Grids, Libraries, White Space
Three things that get lost and confused while making a yearbook. Make your book stronger and save time by using these three simple things. Leland Mallett, CJE