November 1, 2004 / Winter 2004

More Time on Deadline

Written by Marketing Staff

Without deadlines, chaos would reign in the world of yearbooks. Nothing can be done to get rid of deadlines and the stress they cause. But technology can reduce the amount of time submission takes, providing more time at deadline. More time at deadline means less time being stressed.

Walsworth’s new Yearbook Connect service was designed to use technology to simplify yearbook submission and give you more time. Simply put, Yearbook Connect makes it easier to submit and proof your yearbook pages, cover and endsheets, plus store and download images, because it uses the speed of the internet. The Yearbook Connect program is divided into four online services:  Cover Connect, Page Connect, eZProof Connect, and Image Connect. You can choose which ones you want to use. The service is offered through the Members Only area of

The service enables you to gain the days now used for packing up and shipping items back and forth between the school and Walsworth’s Prepress Facility. You also save money, since shipping costs are eliminated, and most of the Yearbook Connect services are free.

Here is a brief overview of each component of Yearbook Connect:

Cover Connect
Use the internet to view your cover design and endsheets. You can indicate changes to be made, and when the proofs meet your specifications, approve them. Only when Walsworth receives approval are digital proofs produced. This service saves money and time by eliminating multiple proofs. And reducing the proofing process saves time for other yearbook tasks.

Page Connect
With Page Connect, send your pages, images and fonts to Walsworth quickly over the internet, with no zipping or stuffing. You may also send your pages in PDF format. Walsworth sends confirmation that the files were successfully received, so there is no wondering after hitting the submit button. Because there is nothing to put in an envelope and mail, you save time. You save money because the service is free, and shipping charges are avoided.

eZProofs Connect
This program is the next generation of the ZProofs program, in which proofs are sent to you on a Zip disk. With eZProof Connect, proofs travel faster to and from Walsworth using the internet. An email notification alerts you that proofs are ready to view. Look at the PDFs online and download only the pages that need corrections. Upload the corrected file and complete an electronic proof correction form. There is no Zip disk and no mailing. Again, this is another way to gain precious time in your yearbook production process.

Image Connect
While last in our list, Image Connect certainly is not least as it will become a valuable resource for schools wanting to move into the realm of digital images. With Image Connect, staffs can get the convenience of digital images with Walsworth’s professional scanning. Send Walsworth your photos. We will scan and post them online, where the images can be downloaded as you need them. Image Connect provides sharp images and takes care of your filing and storage needs.

To get more information about Yearbook Connect, contact your local Walsworth yearbook representative. Your representative can help you and your staff figure out how much time you can save using these services.

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