Recruit a Great Staff

Getting the right students is the first step in creating an amazing yearbook. Use these creative tools to recruit students for your yearbook staff.

Photo by Niana Takai

Recruiting webinar

Watch a replay of our webinar, “Mirror, mirror on the wall: How to recruit the best yearbook staff of all” with Mike Taylor, CJE.

Staff Recruiting Posters

Hang posters on the school walls

General Staffers Poster
Business and Marketing Poster
Designers Poster
Editors Poster
Photographers Poster
Reporters Poster

Hand out fliers

General Staffers Flier
Business and Marketing Flier
Designers Flier
Editors Flier
Photographers Flier
Reporters Flier

Staff Recruiting Card

Distribute recruiting cards

General Staffers Card
Business and Marketing Card
Designers Card
Editors Card
Photographers Card
Reporters Card

Stuff lockers with these fun notes

Recruiting Locker Stuffer

Print these fun labels on stickers

Recruiting Labels

Staff Recruiting Social Media

Post to your social media accounts to get students interested

Designers Image
Editors Image
Photographers Image
Reporters Image
Facebook Banner
Social Media Banner

Have students apply using an application

Sample application

Have a great staff member you want to recognize? Use our Appreciation Certificate.

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