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I'm Madison Dyer

Walsworth Yearbooks Representative

My Story

Yearbooks have been a part of my journey for a long time, so it just made sense to keep them in the next chapter!

I started as a yearbook staff member when I was in high school and now I’m thrilled to be a yearbook rep. It’s clear I have a passion for yearbooks, and I will equip you with the tools you need to create and market the best yearbook possible.

Yearbooks created with me as your rep will be a memory for your school, your yearbook staff and you. I promise to be beside you for every step of your yearbook journey, with all the resources Walsworth has to offer to help.

Let’s talk more about how Walsworth and I can help you capture the story of your school year.

Be the Expert with Training Resources

From valuable webinars to timely reminders and marketing ideas, we have the tools you and your yearbook staff need to cover the year.

We want to make your life easier, and this page includes numerous resources to help you with your 2024 yearbook.

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What People are Saying about Walsworth...

I've had a fantastic experience. All the people from Walsworth are amazing.

- Ben Martinez, Adviser, M.A. Firebaugh High School


Walsworth has truly invested in people working to cultivate an environment of excellence and community. They care, they’re hardworking and it shows.

- Ian Reidy, Adviser, Tarpon Springs High School



Check out the Showcase Gallery!

Starting to brainstorm for next year’s new cover?

Need some inspiration for theme development? Scroll through all the new 2023 books on the updated showcase gallery!

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Level up at Elite Weekend

Elite Weekend is a valuable addition to your theme development. Work with award-winning advisers and yearbook experts to develop your theme package and gear up for the best yearbook yet.

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Attend a Walsworth Yearbooks webinar

Attend one of our yearbook webinars on a timely yearbook topic or catch a replay. Each out is taught by yearbook experts!

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