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I'm Lori Garcia

El Paso/New Mexico Yearbook Representative

My Story

So who am I? I'm the definition of a passionate, creative, high-energy yearbook expert. There isn't a yearbook problem I cannot solve!

I have been in the yearbook industry for more than 20 years. From the minute I became my high school's yearbook editor in 2000 to pursuing a degree in business, then leaving the corporate world to come back to my true love: yearbook, I can do it all.

As a sales rep for Walsworth Yearbooks for 12 years now, I have been helping yearbook advisers and students improve their design skills and show them how to go from trendy to trending! Born and raised in the Sun City of El Paso, Texas, I am committed to helping my schools and community thrive.

Loving on my son Lucas, cooking and reading is what you will find me doing with my free time.

Never forget - what you do matters!

To our yearbook advisers and staffs, from all of Team Texas - we're so proud of everything you've accomplished during this difficult year!

What People are Saying about Walsworth...

I love working with Lori because she is knowledgeable, resourceful, dedicated, talented and creative. I've worked with her for the last six years and she is truly one of the most caring and passionate people I've ever met. She genuinely loves yearbook and the books under her representation. She gets to know the kids, the advisers and the needs of each high school. She's a problem solver and very creative when it comes to design and photography. 

- Vanessa Martinez, Adviser, El Dorado High School, El Paso, Texas


Lori just gets it. She knows what the problem is before I know what the problem is. And she comes with solutions! I also love how the kids feel when she's done meeting with them. She always leaves them feeling like they're on the right track.

- June Straight, Adviser, Parkland High School, El Paso, Texas

Send me your yearbook questions!

As you get ready for the new school year, your yearbook staff might have questions that you need help with - I'm here with the answers!

Email me today, using the subject line Ask Lori, with your questions on any yearbook topic - coverage, staff management, design, photography. Whatever you need help with.

Just be sure to include your name and your school's name in the email. I'll share some of the best questions on this page!


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