June 26, 2009 / Idea File Supplement

Letter to Applicant and Parent/Guardian

Written by Marketing Staff

Dear Applicant and Parent/Guardian,

Welcome to Olympia High School Publications. As we finish up the 2004 Torch yearbook and continue working on the next edition of The Oracle newspaper, I am excited about selecting the 2004-2005 publications staffs.

Journalism students have an opportunity to learn skills which will benefit them throughout life. According to figures released by the College Board (1998), high school journalism students scored 7.6 percent higher on the Advanced Placement English Language Composition Examination than Advanced English students.

As a prospective staff member or parent of a staff member, it is important for you to understand the curriculum, procedures, and expectations I have for staff members. In this production class, students learn how to write, design, publish, and produce high school publications.

My expectations for student performance are high. Because this class produces and sells a product, students must learn these skills at the same time. While learning these skills, they must also continue to make deadlines and meet the expectations of their other five classes. Some students will find this experience frustrating. Should you sense that happening, please let me know. I believe that teacher-parent communication is essential to a student’s success.

In addition to being a class that meets every day, publications also require time outside of class. There is no way we can produce a journalistic product in only one hour a day. Both the yearbook staff and newspaper staffs will commit to spending a minimum of one day (Tuesday or Thursday) each week after school from 2:30-4:30 in the journalism lab.

Joining a publications staff is a yearlong commitment. It is both challenging and rewarding. There are personal rewards as well as group achievements. The 2003 Torch won a silver medal from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and The Oracle continues to get rave reviews from the students and staff. I look forward to working with you as you become a part of a program that is continually getting stronger.

Thank you,
Jeff C. Moffitt
Publications Adviser

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