September 16, 1997 / Fall 1997 / Staff Management

Large Staff Leads To Different Approach

Written by Marketing Staff

For Susan Caperna, yearbook adviser at Ridgeville Christian High School, Springboro, Ohio, having 23 students sign up to be on staff was unprecedented.

More than doubling her standard staff size of 10, Caperna’s 1998 Messenger yearbook staff presented a challenge. Coupled with the large staff size was the fact that only three veteran staffers were returning.

Besides figuring out a way to keep everyone busy, Caperna had to try to minimize the lack of experience. So, she made the decision to try something new.

After identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each staff member, she divided the staff into four editorial groups – copy, photography, design, and business. The staff has two co-editors, a photography editor and business manager with the remaining 19 staff members falling into one of the four aforementioned groups.

“I’m just trying it this year with the large staff,” Caperna said. “I really don’t know how it’s going to work; ask me at the end of the year.”

She said the staff will work on spreads in teams of three, including a writer, photographer and designer, to capitalize on each person’s strengths and provide the opportunity for the students to learn from each other.

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