Kris Killough


I'm Kris Killough, CJE

Greater Atlanta Yearbook Representative

My Story

Like many of my yearbook advisers, I was "voluntold" that I was going to get involved with yearbook. My junior year yearbook was an absolute trainwreck and I was just the guy to fix it.

After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a Sports Management degree, I quickly realized that I should not have decided a major based off the Tom Cruise movie Jerry McGuire! My dad, a principal in Memphis, worked some magic and got me a sales territory in the yearbook business.

Quickly realizing that yearbook was more than picking a template from a book, I became the local expert in Pagemaker, InDesign and Photoshop. Over the years I worked to receive my MBA, which comes in handy, when talking book and ad sales, as well as becoming a Certified Journalism Educator. My favorite things about yearbook are covers and making budget. With those two things in place, you are free to capture memories and document the amazing experience that is high school.

I live in the Atlanta area with my wife, Sara, and our three boys, Thomas, Trenton and Dawson.

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What People Are Saying...

Working with Kris was one of the best parts of my time as a yearbook Editor-in-Chief. The guidance he provided was consistently tailored to our vision and specific to our school and students.

- Josh Camarn, Editor, West Port High School


What a blessing Kris has been. He always handled every situation quickly, efficiently and productively. I knew I could count on Kris to reduce some of the sponsorship burden, by being quick to reply to my requests for help and information.

The staff of the Tucker High School Tiger Yearbook could not have been more proud of the finished product, and it would not have happened without Kris.

- Tracy McSwain, Adviser, Tucker High School, Tucker, Georgia
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