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I'm Jill Chittum, MJE

Fort Worth Yearbook Representative

My Philosophy

I'm the only yearbook rep in the U.S. who has earned a Master Journalism Educator certification from the Journalism Education Association. I advised journalism, yearbook and newspaper for eight years before joining Walsworth.

Prior to becoming a journalism teacher, I worked as a photojournalist at the Wichita Eagle for five years. I started on yearbook staff as a freshman in high school, and I bring a passion for helping students tell the story of the year to each one of my customer schools.

I believe that yearbook is one of the most important classes in the school. Not only does yearbook help students hone skills like communication, teamwork, meeting deadlines, writing photography and design, but it also is the only organization in the school that captures the school's history for years to come. Yearbooks are always the thing people go to when looking for images and information about a school community, and they will be there forever.

Never forget - what you do matters!

To our yearbook advisers and staffs, from all of Team Texas - we're so proud of everything you've accomplished during this difficult year!

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What People Are Saying...

As a middle school adviser, I would be lost if not for the guidance of Jill and her team. Jill is at my side throughout the whole school year, from first ideas to final distribution. She is a text, email or phone call away and is always willing to go the extra mile to make our students and our program successful. Her experience and expertise make the process of building a staff and creating a yearbook streamlined and enjoyable. 

- Kristie Vandergriff, Adviser, Aledo Middle School, Aledo, Texas


When I found out Jill was my new rep, I was ecstatic. She's an amazing photographer and designer. She knows the business and the education side. She's tech-savvy. She's a problem solver.

- Leland Mallett, CJE, Adviser, Mansfield Legacy High School, Mansfield, Texas


I like working with a company, a yearbook rep, and a customer service rep, who know my school, my kids and me. They can look at our coverage, our design, and though it might not work at every school, they know what will fly within my community.

I have multiple people within Walsworth to ask about an issue, and know that they are all willing to help. My first stop will be to Jill Chittum.

- Lisa Wallace, Adviser, Fort Worth Country Day School, Fort Worth, Texas

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