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I'm Jeff Wood

Walsworth Yearbooks Representative

My Story

As a national and perennial award-winning yearbook rep, I love to work very closely with yearbook advisers and editors to make their job easier, more enjoyable and more engaging. I bring a passion for yearbook as an educational vehicle, along with proactive and creative solutions to solve any yearbook problems that could possibly arise.

I graduated from the University of Connecticut at Storrs in 1996 with a major in communications and minors in journalism and English. While an undergraduate student at UConn, I wrote news and commentary articles for the Daily Campus and was a staff member for UConn TV, which I co-founded.

After graduation, I became a reporter and photographer for weekly and then daily newspapers. I then became the program and marketing manager for BuildOn, where I taught global education, managed all marketing efforts and helped build schools in developing countries. While at BuildOn, I also completed graduate work towards my teaching certificate. I have consistently delivered my customers’ books on time and within budget. I have a 100% approval rating among current customers, and I'm highly involved in every single yearbook I have worked on.

Jeff Brings

  • The most hands-on support in the yearbook industry
  • The latest and most flexible deadlines with the quickest turnaround time in yearbooks
  • Full transparency in finances and keeping an ongoing budget worksheet so you know where you stand all year
  • Helping your sell more ads or books through support, staff training and lots of great and proven ideas to boost sales
  • Helping you produce a truly all-green/sustainable yearbook, which only Walsworth can
  • A passion for educating motivating your students and helping you build a strong staff
  • The ability to education/train your staff at a high level on every yearbook topic, from journalism to marketing to photography and yearbook technology.

Be the Expert with Training Resources

From valuable webinars to timely reminders and marketing ideas, we have the tools you and your yearbook staff need to cover the year.

We want to make your life easier, and this page includes numerous resources to help you with your 2024 yearbook.

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Elite Weekend is a valuable addition to your theme development. Work with award-winning advisers and yearbook experts to develop your theme package and gear up for the best yearbook yet.

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What People are Saying about Walsworth...

“I'm so grateful to have you figuratively side by side as we wind our way through each year's Yearbook.  In a thousand ways, you are a calming influence, and I appreciate that more than you know. THE BOOK IS A WINNER, FOR SURE. Beautiful work by the plant and you and our customer service team!”

-Arthur Whitman, Lycee Francais de New York


“Your dedication to your job is clearly seen and very much appreciated.”

-Jordan Thomas, Winston Prep


“I enjoy working with you and Walsworth. You have great customer service, the online design is easy to use and the books always come out looking great.”

-Steve Goodrich, Mark T. Sheehan HS


“Jeff, thank you, as always, for your help, enthusiasm, energy, interesting tricks/advice, and feedback! Especially in today's weather, we so appreciate your coming. We sincerely appreciate your help and support!”

-Laura Bowe, King School


“We received praise for our book, due in large part to your help and Walsworth's quality!”

-Heather Way, Greenwich Academy



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