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We're Paula Griffin and Davis Gamble

South Central Texas Yearbook Representatives

Our Story

The yearbook rep makes all the difference in your publication, your staff and your school year. We partner with advisers to discover their unique, personal goals for their yearbook programs, while providing the resources to successfully achieve them.

The name Walsworth is synonymous with quality, service and commitment. As your yearbook rep, the service we provide cannot be matched and our commitment to provide an exceptional experience using new technology and proven marketing tactics will ensure the success of your yearbook.

Never forget - what you do matters!

To our yearbook advisers and staffs, from all of Team Texas - we're so proud of everything you've accomplished during this difficult year!

Watch the replay of our panel session on coverage and marketing!

Have you been asking exactly how you can create an all-inclusive yearbook in this unique year? Or what the best way to market this year's book is, during the Covid era?

Now you can get answers by watching the replay of our recent online panel discussion, Inclusivity in Yearbook Through Coverage and Marketing, hosted by Davis and Walsworth's Lori Garcia.

Some of the best advisers in our area took part in the hour-long session. Catch it today!

Instead of this, try THIS with your 2021 yearbook coverage

Planning your yearbook coverage is a whole new ball game this year. Previous years may have allowed you to take last year’s ladder and tweak it for the upcoming year, but some schools are completely reimagining their coverage approach.

That may sound scary, but it’s actually a great thing! There are so many stories to tell, and it’s your job to tell it well. In fact, some schools are deciding to increase their page count to make room for student profiles and do justice to the historic story of the 2020-2021 school year.

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Starting to brainstorm for next year's cover? Get some inspiration by scrolling through all the new 2019 books in the updated Cover Gallery.

The new Cover Gallery is this way!

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The Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN) produces on-demand audio content covering the world of yearbooks and scholastic journalism. Listen in to one of our shows today!

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What People Are Saying...

I am so grateful for all the effort your company has put into our yearbooks, and our staff, over the past 12 months. This has been a difficult experience for so many of us, but it would have been made all the more difficult if your staff had not leapt to the challenge and adapted so swiftly to these changes. From special coverage and virtual camps, to resilience seminars and so many other useful resources, and encouragement, to keep us on track, Walsworth has been there with me and my staff the whole time.

- Lucy Carr, Adviser, La Grange High School, La Grange, Texas


Throughout the past few years, the capable and professional experience of representative Paula (Griffin) has been a big advantage in the yearbook production process. Each year, there is inevitably some new challenge or situation that arises. Paula has always been responsive, supportive, and insightful regarding anything yearbook.

- Tim Cassler, Adviser, Central Catholic High School, San Antonio, Texas


Right away Davis fit in with my staff and I. It was like we had known him for years. He is so fun and full of energy, which works well when dealing with high school students. He brings a lot of experience to the table. His ideas are genius.

- Lauren Hodde, Adviser, Burton High School, Carmine, Texas
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