2019 Caught Our Eye

These outstanding 2019 spreads, images, graphics and more will make you stop and take a second look. Your next yearbook idea is waiting here.

Photo by Isaac Wasserman

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  • 2019 MosaicMonarch High SchoolLouisville, Colorado

      Theme: "You Know You Love It"
      Adviser: Bonnie Katzive
      Editor: Eleanor Guanella
      Walsworth representative: Andrew Ross

      In an era of being glued to our digital devices, it is a welcomed moment when we get to pick up a tactile object like a book. A great feature put together by the staff at Monarch High School takes a look at just what everyone is reading. Not only do they look at what students are reading, but they dive deeper into why they are reading it. What about the books draw them to that particular text or author? In addition, they get some great insight from students as to why they turn to books. Examples include dealing with stress, exploring fiction, relatability and more. When creating this page, they were deliberate about making it much more than a “what you’re reading” page, instead taking it to a deeper, more meaningful level.

      – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

    1. 2019 The RiderSaginaw High SchoolSaginaw, Texas

        Theme: "All In"
        Adviser: Brie Burke
        Editor: Bri Cortes
        Walsworth representative: Jill Chittum - MJE

        Every generation has its own pop culture icons, and while it is too early to tell exactly what that will be, we all know Bitmoji plays a pretty big role in students’ social media footprints. The students at Saginaw High School did a nice mod asking students what their life would be like as a Bitmoji. Who knows how long these caricatures will be around, but no doubt in twenty years when students look back, they will be taken back to their Nike track suit or whatever outfit they had customized for this unique and time-sensitive social media tool.

        – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

      1. 2019 PanoramaWinder-Barrow High SchoolWinder, Georgia

          Theme: "Throwback"
          Adviser: Tara Poppins Stuart
          Editor: Jullie Chhim
          Walsworth representative: Julie Weeks - CJE

          Every school has that teacher who stands out from the rest and that students can’t get enough of. The students at Winder-Barrow High School decided to tie a feature on a beloved teacher into their “throwback” theme. They used the feature to highlight Mr. Perry’s unique and humorous sides, as well as taking a look at him through the “throwback” lens. They chose to feature some pictures and stories about him over the years. A fun and unique slant on a staff feature.

          – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

        1. 2019 AriesMontwood High SchoolEl Paso, Texas

            Theme: "A New Normal"
            Adviser: Justin Stene
            Editor: Jasmine Reyes
            Walsworth representative: Lori Garcia

            Go Big! That phrase has been exercised by many photographers working to convince their editor to run good photos big. The photographers at Montwood High School were paying attention in journalism class as they negotiated their photos to run large in many places throughout the book. The first few pages are scattered with nearly full spread photos giving the viewers what they want – great photographs! They stick with their visual eye candy and continue scattering large photos throughout their entire book.

            – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

          1. 2019 The BrahmaDouglas MacArthur High SchoolSan Antonio, Texas

              Theme: "Be the Change"
              Adviser: Amanda Cardoza
              Editor: Tatum Owens
              Walsworth representatives: Paula Adamek, Davis Gamble

              As summer winds down and students and staff make their way back to school, there are always some unexpected changes awaiting them. The staff at Douglas MacArthur High School decided to devote a page to the changes that we all face at the start of a new school year. For their school changes they included clear backpacks, new locked doors and a retinal scanner (or was it?). They featured a lot of different students and grabbed quotes on how they were adjusting to the changes. These changes seem ordinary now, but in 20 years when students look back, it will certainly be extraordinary to remember. Those pages are always interesting to view down the road.

              – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

            1. 2019 Panther TracksPutnam City North High SchoolOklahoma City, Oklahoma

                Theme: "To the Core"
                Adviser: Corinna Conant
                Editors: Maysara Al Shareef, Kaylin Duong
                Walsworth representatives: John Gearhart - CJE, Casey Gammon

                Tackling issues that students deal with day in and day out is sometimes an uncomfortable topic to approach for a yearbook staff. In this year’s edition of Panther Tracks from Putnam City High School in Oklahoma City, they went for it. Using five features as divider pages, they started with large, natural light portraits that set an immediate mood. These photos stop the viewer and invite them to dive in and explore the text. In the text each spread covers a student and a challenge they have overcome. These range from immigration, depression, religion, leadership and mental health. Each story is a short synopsis of the students’ challenges that they were dealing with privately, and how they overcame them.

                – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

              1. 2019 The BuccaneerJack Britt High SchoolFayetteville, North Carolina

                  Theme: "Be Bold"
                  Adviser: Alexis Newsom
                  Editors: Emma Conley, Allison De La Vega
                  Walsworth representative: Kristine Rodriguez

                  What’s the worst injury you’ve ever seen? This is something we all want to ask our medical practitioners, so why not use a probing question like this to highlight your Sports Medicine personnel? This clever idea is what staffers at Jack Britt High School did to feature students who help the school’s athletes overcome setbacks that occur while practicing or competing in their chosen sport. The feature not only outlines some of the worst injuries, but also tells the story of what they do and how they help the school’s athletes. A sidebar on what all is needed in their first aid kit rounds out this interesting page.

                  – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

                1. 2019 The CorsicanCorsicana High SchoolCorsicana, Texas

                    Theme: "The Next Big Thing"
                    Adviser: Jonathan Dixon
                    Editors: Becca Cook, Syney Tally
                    Walsworth representative: Tiffani Womack - CJE

                    Senior ads can often be one of the more challenging portions of the yearbook to assemble. There are so many variables out of the staff’s control – picture selection, picture quality, size of the ad, etc. The staff at Corsicana High school managed to assemble a really beautiful collection of senior ads. All of the ads have a uniform oversized pastel letter of the student’s first name, which also ties in with their visual theme. They also managed to pin down parents to submit high quality photos which makes the whole section shine!

                    – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

                  1. 2019 The SceptreCambridge Christian SchoolTampa, Florida

                      Theme: "Didn't See That Coming"
                      Adviser: Kellie Bryant
                      Editor: Hannah Brody
                      Walsworth representative: Sabrina Schmitz - CJE

                      “Didn’t See THAT Coming” was the theme chosen by the staff at Cambridge Christian School in Tampa, Florida. They had a very creative idea for their opening theme section. They detailed happenings in and around the school that nobody expected, thus fitting perfectly into the “Didn’t See THAT Coming” theme. They began with some things they did see coming, like a rebuilding year for the football team, school trips, etc. Then they shifted the tone to the things they didn’t see coming, like unexpected surgery, the government shut down, big football wins and acceptance to that unexpected college. This was a crafty idea that really anchored their theme with the reader.

                      – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

                    1. 2019 EchoSanta Rosa High SchoolSanta Rosa, California

                        Theme: "Still Rosa"
                        Adviser: Page Wilson
                        Editors: Ashley Coscarelli, Jenna Kim
                        Walsworth representative: Brooke Renna - CJE

                        This school focuses on their unique surroundings by devoting a section to agriculture. Features highlight different programs and their ties to the community, including Ag Science, Floriculture, FFA and more! The students of Santa Rosa High School are featured in lots of their community programs and careers. It’s a great way to showcase what makes their school and programs special.

                        – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

                      1. 2019 The MarauderMarcus High SchoolFlower Mound, Texas

                          Theme: "Shift"
                          Advisers: Allison Miller, Corey Hale
                          Editor: Katie Clarke
                          Walsworth representative: Jill Chittum - MJE

                          All schools want to celebrate their rich traditions and heritage that make their school unique. Students at Marcus High School devoted a spread to take a look at just where those traditions began and bring back some old celebrated traditions. They outlined some of the school’s important dates, such as opening its doors, first rivalry game played, new campus opened, etc. They also shared information from a former staff member who came up with the fight song, getting details on how and when that happened. Finding unique ways to celebrate a school’s history is an important spread every book should consider.

                          – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School

                        1. 2019 The PredatorWest Potomac High SchoolAlexandria, Virginia

                            Theme: "What's the Point?"
                            Adviser: Stewart Muztafago
                            Editors: Christine Paz, Olivia Petretich
                            Walsworth representative: Kat Bayliss

                            Who knows what we will be looking at in terms of social media in future years, but right now, we know Instagram is a big part of most students’ social media life. At West Potomac High School, they decided to do a full spread feature on their students’ best Instagram moments. This spread showcases everything from artistic photographs to photos of students traveling around the world. They chose to lay their spread out in an Instagram inspired design full of square boxes. Everyone loves to share a great photo, and this is a fun way to make it part of your book.

                            – written by Michael Lee, adviser, Lewis & Clark High School