2015 Caught Our Eye

These outstanding spreads, images, graphics and more from 2015 yearbooks will make you stop and take a second look. Your next yearbook idea is waiting here.

Photo by Kathryn Wang

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  • 2015 StagecoachRye High SchoolRye, New York

      Theme: "Alive"
      Adviser: Tony Campbell
      Editors: Holly Hunter, Chloe Jennings
      Walsworth representative: Jeff Wood

      This spread is so much fun. They started with a great concert photo, then shared the memories of five students and their own concert experiences. The jagged line across the page is a design element carried over from the cover. Two quick reads include five more students and a post-concert food bar graph. The Stagecoach staff went big on the headline so this spread will keep the good vibes flowin’.

    1. 2015 Lincoln-Way East LegendLincoln-Way East High SchoolFrankfort, Illinois

        Theme: "Revealed"
        Adviser: Amy Cavanaugh
        Editor: Amy Kawakami
        Walsworth representative: Valerie T. Tanke - CJE

        Go big or go home! The cover of the 2015 Legend is a large clean and simple E, and the idea of one giant letter is repeated throughout the book. The letter works nicely on these homecoming pages as the staff fit the rest of the elements neatly around it. They took a little extra time to design a sharp-looking layered headline and made sure the story fit perfectly. Stories from four students are told in the gray bar and the right side is a timeline of dance day and all the prep work that the typical student went through before the big event.

      1. 2015 CampusKiski Area High SchoolVandergrift, Pennsylvania

          Theme: "Blah Blah Blah"
          Adviser: Paul Fantaski
          Editors: Taylor Caldwell, Emily Knell
          Walsworth representative: Cheryl Franzmann - CJE

          Although their theme is “Blah Blah Blah,” there is nothing expected about this book. Breaking up what can sometimes be a sea of faces, the Campus staff took a different route and packed tons of fun sidebars onto their people pages. In addition to the 25 seniors already pictured on this spread, 22 more were added through the cafeteria food story, an essential item cluster, and a list of favorite comfort foods. As time goes by, the information in secondary copy like this will be what tells future generations who KAHS really was and what was important to them in 2015.

        1. 2015 TroyianPark Hill High SchoolKansas City, Missouri

            Theme: "It's all right here"
            Adviser: Sally Beran
            Editor: Gabrielle Welsh
            Walsworth representative: John Kelley

            In a simple yet eye-catching design, the Troyian staff combined more than a dozen bits of information to create a fantastic “brag” page for their athletic teams. Using text of varying colors and weights and silhouetted symbols, they made a fun read out of what could have been boring facts and figures. The symbols could be found scattered throughout the book and were a fantastic way to break up space and add pops of color. Whether used to describe wrestling moves or which piece of equipment the color guard is spinning, these little info bits were used with style here and throughout the entire book.

          1. 2015 RetrospectSouthwest Christian SchoolFort Worth, Texas

              Theme: "Fresh"
              Adviser: Danny Roberts
              Editors: Erika Pope, Sammi Brown
              Walsworth representative: Lisa Llewellyn - CJE

              Always so much fun to cover, the theatre department provides colorful costumes, great lighting and expressive faces. The Retrospect staff took advantage of the opportunity and captured some beautiful images of “Peter Pan.” The triangle pattern established on their cover was utilized to show a who’s who among the cast of characters, and a tiny colorful version of the pattern is found near the folio on every spread. The pull-out quote gets a makeover when a variety of weights and colors are added. A bold color scheme was chosen for every section of the book and flows onto each spread without distracting from the fantastic images.

            1. 2015 BradleyanBradley-Bourbonnais Community High SchoolBradley, Illinois

                Theme: "Echo"
                Adviser: Katie Bretzlaff
                Editor: Abigayle Devine
                Walsworth representative: Valerie T. Tanke - CJE

                Lots of great homecoming memories and information are packed into these pages. The body copy gives us a play-by-play of the events of the week, from the sights and sounds of each dress-up day through the excitement of the assembly and game. The overlapping circles are a visual theme in the book, and here the Bradleyan staff cleverly used them as an infographic. Since this volume was their 75th anniversary edition, the reader gets to see glimpses of past BBCHS years, like this one of a student riding his bike in the homecoming parade 30 years ago.

              1. 2015 AntennaAnnandale High SchoolAnnandale, Virginia

                  Theme: "Out Of It"
                  Adviser: Julia Hanneman
                  Editors: Hawa Ehsan, Paula Alderete, Ricky Lam
                  Walsworth representative: Brian Flamm

                  This opening theme spread captures the essence of what the Antenna staff wanted to say about both sides of the theme “out of it.” Sometimes things are crisp and clear and sometimes they are a blurry haze. Both are featured in the copy and in the photo that students will carefully scan to find themselves in. The white box and bold white font seen here will be featured throughout the book. The simplicity of these pages is refreshing, but it’s nothing compared to the beautiful video the reader gets to see when they use the Aurasma app on this spread. The music and moving pictures are a feast for the senses in their great opening movie.

                1. 2015 Spirit of TroyKelly Walsh High SchoolCasper, Wyoming

                    Theme: "Always Gold"
                    Adviser: Liz Masterson
                    Editor: Abbey Kersenbrock
                    Walsworth representative: Anne Scott

                    For their 50th anniversary, the yearbook staff of Kelly Walsh took a walk down memory lane in the opening pages of their book. Dedicating a spread to each decade, they integrated the old and the new by showing iconic school photos of yesteryear while featuring the thoughts and ideas of its current students. Sidebars of the introduction include the most common student names of the 60’s, what the town was like in the 70’s compared to now, songs you should know from the 80’s, and student answers to what they thought the school was like during each decade.

                  1. 2015 Tesora ArcaCrystal River High SchoolCrystal River, Florida

                      Theme: "No one like us"
                      Adviser: Cindy Livesay
                      Editors: Tanner McClure, Krystina Hartwell
                      Walsworth representatives: Missy Green, Adam Livesay and Tracy de la Feuilliez

                      Pops of crimson on a sea of blue water really make this spread shimmer. The readers’ eyes jump from the scoreboard to the headline to the quick read on the right. The color was clearly inspired by the photos, where we see red in the flags, lane markers and starting blocks. To create a division between the story and the upper photos, the designer simply let the blue water continue across both pages. Using the photo rather than a blue line is an elegant way to create movement.

                    1. 2015 IslaMercer Island High SchoolMercer Island, Washington

                        Theme: "Re-Defined"
                        Adviser: Laura Totten
                        Editors: Dana He, Mary Elise Lovejoy
                        Walsworth representative: Nate Obermark

                        Don’t be afraid of the dark. Utilizing the work of the visual art students, the Isla staff created an eye-catching spread with a background of a single photo bleeding off the edges. The rich charcoal gray makes a nice canvas for the text, but the staff was smart to keep an eye on font size. Their work paid off as the captions and story are clean and easy to read. A thin white border on the secondary photos makes them pop off the background.

                      1. 2015 AmonestarRodriguez High SchoolFairfield, California

                          Theme: "Shift"
                          Adviser: Katherine Gagnon
                          Editors: Trinity McKee, Alexandra Maletsky
                          Walsworth representative: Danielle Sill

                          Taking inspiration from the latest in fashion magazine photos, the Amonestar staff took a break from the usual clothing trend pics to try something new. By gathering their fashionistas for a photo shoot on the steps of the school, they kept a familiar setting but made their models look fresh and contemporary. The “where to put the captions” problem was solved by placing them on semi-transparent boxes so they could still use an awesome photo that bled off the edges.

                        1. 2015 Lancer LegendThousand Oaks High SchoolThousand Oaks, California

                            Theme: "Something More"
                            Adviser: Robert Haar
                            Editor: Rebecca Llewellyn
                            Walsworth representative: Michelle DiSimone - CJE

                            Social media is everywhere. How are you covering it? The Legend staff started with a combination of a colored bar and a cut out. Then they compiled the statistics of each student’s social media usage into an easy-to-read infographic. Just seven or eight facts per student give their readers a great insight as to what the typical teens’ social media postings looked like – a pertinent storytelling feature this year and decades from now.

                          1. 2015 HoofprintsMira Costa High SchoolManhattan Beach, California

                              Theme: "This is how we do it"
                              Adviser: Valerie Park
                              Editor: Jessica Franco
                              Walsworth representative: Joyce Isleta

                              In just one spread, the Hoofprints staff was able to create a picture of the 2014-2015 school year and what made it different from every other year. They did not limit their trend coverage to clothing styles, but opened it up to include music, games, apps, water bottles, and that darn blue and black (or gold and white) dress. Dividing it by seasons and keeping it neat and clean, their readers will be looking back at this spread with their grandchildren and trying to explain why any of these 28 things mattered to them in their teen years and why everyone else was wrong about that dress.

                            1. 2015 TalonHighlands Ranch High SchoolHighlands Ranch, Colorado

                                Theme: "Legendary"
                                Adviser: Bas Wolf
                                Editors: Ryan Daugherty, Kasia Kerridge
                                Walsworth representatives: Jim Straub, Greg Stimack

                                The Talon staff reminds their readers of the latest fashions, snack sensations and social media trends. Their photo series of the soaking of one student taking the ALS ice-bucket challenge dominates the spread. These are the images that will only happen this year. When future Falcons look back on the current crazes, they will shake their heads in amazement, but this yearbook is proof of the past.

                              1. 2015 SageNampa High SchoolNampa, Idaho

                                  Theme: “Breaking the Pattern”
                                  Adviser: Camille Levi
                                  Editors: Anna Marie Vargas, Brooklyn Riepma, Katherine Jones
                                  Walsworth representative: Jake Lee

                                  In their introduction spread, the Sage designers give us glimpses of what it’s like to be a Bulldog. They used a bold, repeating triangle and keep the readers’ eyes searching the details of the spirited photos. The look fits perfectly with their copy as we look forward to seeing how they “Break the Pattern.”

                                1. 2015 EquestrianCoral Springs High SchoolCoral Springs, Florida

                                    Theme: "On the rise"
                                    Adviser: Annette Goldstein
                                    Editor: Sabrina Rustam
                                    Walsworth representative: Veronika Levine - CJE

                                    A single fun photo and two sharp packages are the perfect combo for keeping it all in the family. The top right set, with its three horizontal bars, carries out a visual theme found throughout the book while pointing out the activities siblings have in common. The left set plays with a photo collage combining twins into one person. In all, this spread covers 18 different students and shows how family matters at CSHS.

                                  1. 2015 ImpressionsFossil Ridge High School Keller, Texas

                                      Theme: "This Moment"
                                      Adviser: Winn Skinner
                                      Editor: James Nelson
                                      Walsworth representative: Adam Thompson

                                      Breaking with tradition, the Impressions staff tried something unique with their teacher portraits. Allowing each to fill in the blank on their own bright yellow “HELLO. I am ________” sign, the readers will no doubt remember the distinct personalities of their teachers for years to come. Worth the extra time spent, this method also prevented so many staff members being left out because they were off campus during picture day.

                                    1. 2015 OviedianOviedo High SchoolOviedo, Florida

                                        Theme: "I can do that"
                                        Adviser: Alicia Pope
                                        Editors: Madison Bryan, Sierra Falconer
                                        Walsworth representatives: Missy Green, Adam Livesay, Tracy de la Feuilliez

                                        The Oviedian is jam-packed full of superior quality photos, but what makes this book work so well is the staff’s attention to details. The circular swirls and tiny dot pattern can be spotted on the cover and subtly repeat throughout the book. Colorful dots indicate the beginning of each caption and the body copy fits snugly inside the circles that link all the elements together. Trust them. This staff clearly knows what they’re doing.

                                      1. 2015 LeavesSherwood High SchoolSandy Spring, Maryland

                                          Theme: “It’s a Matter of Perception”
                                          Adviser: Lori Leonard
                                          Editors: Christy Christian, Cassandra Hipol, Lianna Lieberman
                                          Walsworth representative: Katie Krueger

                                          This spread on social groups just clicks! The Leaves staff works together to describe how the student groups at Sherwood are anything but typical. Their text wraps draw the reader’s eye to each cut-out and the repetition of the vertical bars makes their pieces fit together perfectly.

                                        1. 2015 WildcatHar-Ber High SchoolSpringdale, Arkansas

                                            Theme: “PLUS”
                                            Adviser: Karla Sprague
                                            Editor: Katie Casey
                                            Walsworth representative: Jill Chittum - MJE

                                            Start with a great photo. Theatre lighting often lends itself to bright and unique images. This surprising moment sets the stage for a great spread on the fine arts at Har-Ber High. The slanted photos and text are a theme throughout the Wildcat and draw the eye right back to the main photo. The orange color block and text jump off the page to help tell the story of US.

                                          1. 2015 ChamhianChamblee Charter High SchoolChamblee, Georgia

                                              Theme: "Ch"
                                              Adviser: Amy Branca
                                              Editor: Madeline Clowse
                                              Walsworth representative: Brooke Smith

                                              The Chamhian staff pulls together some great elements to create their senior division pages. The subtle hexagonal background pattern is repeated throughout the book, as well as the square “Sr” notation. An observant reader will figure out the code and note there are 252 students in the graduating class. Three memorable photos set the tone for the spirited pages to follow as the final year in high school is celebrated.

                                            1. 2015 SafariAlief Kerr High SchoolHouston, Texas

                                                Theme: "Decode"
                                                Adviser: Laura Negri
                                                Editor: Junyuan Tan
                                                Walsworth representative: Alex McCauley

                                                With great artistry, the staff of the Safari set up breathtaking photos for their division pages. Hinting at their predominantly Asian student population, they picture a set of origami cranes with a bokeh background and an inset poem on the journey ahead. The table of contents contains vertical slivers of the division page images, prompting the reader to quickly flip to them and experience the beauty of each.

                                              1. 2015 MasterpieceBak Middle School of the ArtsWest Palm Beach, Florida

                                                  Theme: “This is for”
                                                  Adviser: Jessica Samons
                                                  Editors: Michael Bole, Zoey Robinson
                                                  Walsworth representative: Veronika Levine - CJE

                                                  When two of Bak’s theatre students had the opportunity to be cast in a local professional show, the yearbook staff took notice. To keep the focus on their peers, they used a few Photoshop tricks, and then added interviews with the two girls. The semi-transparent blocks of deep purple make a great contrast to the black-and-white image and form a rich background for the white headline and body.

                                                1. 2015 South PawPark Hill South High SchoolRiverside, Missouri

                                                    Theme: "Distinct"
                                                    Adviser: Megan Palmer
                                                    Editors: Lauren Powers, Courtney Quinn
                                                    Walsworth representative: John Kelley

                                                    While the dominant photo is a show-stopper on its own, this bright and bubbly spread has so many entry points, it’s hard to know where to start. The readers’ eyes might begin at the tightly clustered photo package, the headline, or the profile and cut-out of Cindy-Lou Who. The South Paw staff utilized beautiful photos and fun facts about “Seussical the Musical” to show off the hard work of the entire cast.

                                                  1. 2015 RaiderGulliver Preparatory SchoolMiami, Florida

                                                      Theme: "Look Inside"
                                                      Adviser: Monica Rodriguez
                                                      Editors: Daniela Grava, Paula de Oliveira
                                                      Walsworth representative: Veronika Levine - CJE

                                                      “Surprise Me” spreads are all the rage and this one looks like it’s straight from a culinary magazine. The Gulliver Prep cafeteria offers a wide variety of ingredients that the students use to customize their meals. The designer did a fabulous job of setting up the food photos and sharing each student’s recipe for their creation. The color matching sets and black and white student photos send this spread over the top of awesome.

                                                    1. 2015 SagaSpring Valley High SchoolColumbia, South Carolina

                                                        Theme: "Forge ahead"
                                                        Adviser: Lisa Brindel
                                                        Editors: Tautiera White, Sheren Sobeih, Jordan McCormack
                                                        Walsworth representative: Jim Channell

                                                        Spring Valley has a heart-felt tradition like no other and the staff cleverly combines their coverage of “Heart Day” with a side of “promposals.” Their photos and copy tell of the enormous task of cutting out and hanging nearly 2,500 paper hearts for the student body to leave messages of encouragement for one another. Through their quotes, it’s clear to see that this is such a special day for this entire campus. A rosy headline treatment gives these pages a cheerful final touch. What’s not to love?

                                                      1. 2015 AriesRockville High SchoolRockville, Maryland

                                                          Theme: "Picture This"
                                                          Adviser: Ambereen Khan-Baker
                                                          Editor: Lydia Barr
                                                          Walsworth representative: Katie Krueger

                                                          There’s no place like Rockville. The Aries staff shows us their hometown and the places that make it unique with a bold map. Pinpointing each spot, they allow students to share a glimpse of their favorite hang-outs and what makes them so important in their lives.

                                                        1. 2015 PhoenixSequoyah High SchoolMadisonville, Tennessee

                                                            Theme: "Platinum"
                                                            Adviser: Merriam Krahala
                                                            Editors: Hailey Woods, Zack Holloway, Jessica Willix, Lynsey Miller, Mattie Torbett
                                                            Walsworth representative: Jackson Stoess

                                                            The Phoenix staff asked the team captains to share what is like to walk in their shoes. We get to read each of their unique viewpoints, accompanied by a shot of the captains in action. Bold blocks and pin stripes of gold accent the red uniforms of everyone from baseball captains to the head majorette.

                                                          1. 2015 OdysseyAlan B. Shepard High SchoolPalos Heights, Illinois

                                                              Theme: "Clarity"
                                                              Adviser: Erin Kay
                                                              Editor: Briana Haugh
                                                              Walsworth representative: Mary Slater

                                                              Not only do their beautifully colored photos help their readers remember the show choirs’ performances, but they also give us a peek behind the scenes. Five students tell us “5 things You didn’t know about Show Choir.” Through student quotes, we learn that they often have rehearsals until 9 p.m., and during a show, a costume change is sometimes made in less than a minute.

                                                            1. 2015 BuccaneerJack Britt High SchoolFayetteville, North Carolina

                                                                Theme: “Make Your Mark”
                                                                Adviser: Alexis Newsom
                                                                Editor: Bryanna Mathews
                                                                Walsworth representative: Tyler Craig

                                                                The staff of The Buccaneer gets creative with their Outstanding Senior portraits. Instead of having them dress up and sit in front of the classy (but stuffy) gray background, they took them out to the stadium and surrounded them with symbols of their accomplishments. The background and text hint at the school colors and these kids look comfortable and personable.