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Fanning the Flames

Written by Marketing Staff

Practical Steps to Keep Momentum Going

Successful staffs look at the conclusion of their summer workshop as a beginning, not an end.

“They should have a mini-workshop, especially in the areas of theme and design, so everyone is on the same page on how the book is going to look this year,” said Mike Archer, Walsworth yearbook representative in Washington state. “If the other staffers don’t buy into the theme, and especially the work ethic of what it takes to put out a good yearbook, the whole process falls apart fast after the first deadline.”

Getting together is exactly what the yearbook staff does at Crystal Springs Uplands School in Hillsborough, Calif.

“We meet at school during the preweek of school, when the new students are learning the rules and ropes and have our own minicamp for the rest of the key staff,” adviser Paul Pruitt said.

For Melinda Thompson, yearbook adviser at Wapahani High School in Selma, Ind., it is as simple as grilling a few hot dogs.

“We had a back-to-school cookout at my house and shared ideas for the book there,” she said.

Although there are many ways to build on the momentum of a summer workshop, there is no substitute for sharing the vision and excitement.

“Hopefully, they are able to get a proof back of their cover by the first month of school,” said Nora Guiney, Walsworth yearbook representative in Michigan. “Seeing the cover usually is exciting to the students who did not attend. We encourage them to take the information and materials they received from the workshop and do a mini-workshop the first week of school with the rest of the staff.”

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