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I'm Debbie Cohen

Northeast Area Yearbook Representative

My Story

Preserving school memories has been my passion since I edited my own high school yearbook. Now, it’s my privilege to work with schools throughout the northeast, enabling students to tell their story by creating award-winning yearbooks with Walsworth.

As a partner to my advisers, I support your efforts through cover, theme and creative inspiration; staff training and motivation; project management and helping to market your yearbook and ads. My commitment to in-school visits and extensive availability result in teamwork that helps you produce an outstanding yearbook which arrives on time and within budget.

Whether you’re a seasoned adviser or new to yearbooks, I thank you for the opportunity to discuss your school’s yearbook program.

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2022 Testimonials

Debbie receives high praise from her customers. Amanda Gil, adviser at Everett High School, recommended Debbie to work with other advisers in the area due to her outstanding customer service.

2021 Testimonials

Debbie worked with me and two other inexperienced Yearbook Club Advisers during the 2021 school year.  Her responsiveness and assistance were invaluable to us during this challenging time.

We started our duties as advisers about four months late and worked virtually for the duration of the school year.  Only one of us had ever been involved with yearbook before, and that was many years ago.  Debbie helped us at every step of the way.  She helped us get the ball rolling, walked us and our students through training to use the Walsworth book creation system, and met with us many times to address issues. 

Whenever we had a problem and reached out to Debbie, she got back to us quickly and either resolved the issue herself or quickly worked to find the correct person to communicate with. She went above and beyond helping us to create an amazing yearbook! 

- Nancy Cousins, Adviser, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School, Burnt Hills, N.Y.

2022 Testimonials

As a first year advisor, I was terrified to jump right in because I had no idea what I was doing. Debbie told me, in person, from day one that she would be by my side and help me through anything I needed. She was 100% telling the truth. Whether it’s through email, text, a phone call, or an in person meeting, Debbie has always been there to answer any questions I have had. She has also listened to me while I’ve been extremely stressed out and helped me figure out how to handle the stressful situation. Debbie’s ideas are top notch. Whether it’s about the book itself, how to get students excited and involved, or marketing for the book and ads, she knows exactly what to do. Also, if you have an idea and are not sure how to implement it, Debbie knows how to make it work. The knowledge and experience Debbie brings to the table is incredibly helpful, I believe, not just for first year advisors but even advisors that have been doing this for years. She also has a great team with her that helps out with anything and everything.

Amazing customer service is so hard to come by, and as a person who worked in the industry for 20 years before working in a school district, I know what it means to be a wonderful representative for a company. Debbie is that for Walsworth. They are extremely lucky to have her. In the beginning of the year, I was unsure if I would continue being an advisor, but now only halfway through the year, because of Debbie’s support, I will continue to be an advisor until Debbie retires.

- Jen Faas. Adviser. Burnt Hills Ballston Lake High School, Burnt Hills, NY

2022 Testimonials

Deb’s personality is friendly and welcoming, which made the yearbook staff/students feel supported and heard as they worked through page creation.  She was always a sounding board for all creative ideas and was always an email, text, phone call, or school visit away.  Her responsiveness is unparalleled and always made me feel like we were working together like co-advisors.  Deb’s contagious spirit, kindness, and genuine care for others shine through and make her special. 

There is no question Norwood is lucky to have Deb as our contact/representative.  I am so excited to see what the future holds for our yearbook working with Walsworth and their amazing team.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if further information is needed or if I can expand upon my experiences.

-Jennifer M. Rodger, Adviser, Norwood High School, Norwood MA 

2022 Testimonials

As a new high school yearbook advisor, I relied heavily on Debbie's expertise in publishing and sales. She was always quick to respond--whether we had technical questions or marketing issues, she was there for us. Debbie's easygoing and upbeat demeanor made her a pleasure to interact with. She consistently exceeded our expectations in every way. We wouldn't have had such a successful year without Debbie's energy and know-how. 

-Erin Murphy, Adviser, North Attleborough High School, Attleborough MA 

Years of experience creating award-winning yearbooks!

"Debbie, this is without a doubt the best yearbook we’ve ever produced! I am over the moon about it and don’t know how we are going to follow this one. Thank you so much for your support along the way. We could not have done this without you!"


Years of experience creating award-winning yearbooks!

"Debbie, this is without a doubt the best yearbook we’ve ever produced! I am over the moon about it and don’t know how we are going to follow this one. Thank you so much for your support along the way. We could not have done this without you!"


Years of experience creating award-winning yearbooks!

"Debbie, it's been so great working with you!! We're delighted with our final product and you absolutely saved our finances this year. You are a wonderful human being. We'll be in touch about the spring supplement but I wanted to wish you a happy summer :)"

What People Are Saying...

Advisers are raving about Debbie! Check out the quotes below and take a look at this letter from Northwestern Regional High School 7.

I had the privilege of working with Debbie during my first year of teaching. She served as my Yearbook Representative, and I remain thankful for her advice, guidance, encouragement and friendship during this time.

Debbie reached out before the school year even started. She was honest but reassuring. Debbie promptly answered any emails, phone calls or messages and I could always count on her to provide the information I needed. She was a partner and advocate in the process of creating a book of memories that my yearbook staff and I were incredibly proud of. Her vast knowledge of the industry and knowledge of the necessary procedures to reach a desirable result were invaluable. Debbie also had a way of explaining information in a way that was understandable for me and for my students.

I would highly recommend Debbie to any school that is lucky enough to have her assigned to them. She goes above and beyond in every way!

Linda McCartney, Adviser, Northwestern Regional High School 7, Winsted CT 


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