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I'm Debbie Cohen

Northeast Area Yearbook Representative

My Story

Preserving school memories has been my passion since I edited my own high school yearbook. Now, it’s my privilege to work with schools throughout the northeast, enabling students to tell their story by creating award-winning yearbooks with Walsworth.

As a partner to my advisers, I support your efforts through cover, theme and creative inspiration; staff training and motivation; project management and helping to market your yearbook and ads. My commitment to in-school visits and extensive availability result in teamwork that helps you produce an outstanding yearbook which arrives on time and within budget.

Whether you’re a seasoned adviser or new to yearbooks, I thank you for the opportunity to discuss your school’s yearbook program.

Starting to brainstorm for next year's cover?

Over in the Design Showcase section of our website, the Cover Gallery has now been updated with new 2020 covers.

If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for your 2021 cover, head over there now and scroll through the beautiful selection.

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Years of experience creating award-winning yearbooks!

"Debbie, this is without a doubt the best yearbook we’ve ever produced! I am over the moon about it and don’t know how we are going to follow this one. Thank you so much for your support along the way. We could not have done this without you!"


Years of experience creating award-winning yearbooks!

"Debbie, it's been so great working with you!! We're delighted with our final product and you absolutely saved our finances this year. You are a wonderful human being. We'll be in touch about the spring supplement but I wanted to wish you a happy summer :)"

Years of experience creating award-winning yearbooks!

"Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The books look beautiful! Beyond my greatest wishes. The students were so proud of their efforts and could not stop smiling. At some point we will celebrate together, but for now, thank you for your support, words of wisdom, and clarity. What would have I done without you? Endless gratitude."

What People Are Saying...

Even before the school year officially started, Debbie was “talking” yearbook with me, infecting me with her enthusiasm and positive attitude. She worked above and beyond to help me and my staff navigate producing a yearbook. Debbie provided training sessions, worked with us to develop themes and a cohesiveness within our yearbook, and helped us to design our cover. 


Debbie Cohen goes the extra mile every time. Not just the first year, but every year. Our relationship with Debbie is collaborative. She wants our yearbook to bring smiles to our students’ faces as much as we do. Our greatest regret is that we were not able to utilize all of Debbie’s great ideas.

Debbie has been a critical piece in making our yearbook a success, and teaching my co-adviser and I the essentials of creating a book. She sacrificed her own time and energy to help us when we were stranded, and allowed us to produce a book we can be proud to call our own. 

Debbie Cohen | | 860.977.0048

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