August 31, 2009 / Staff Management

Creating the proper staff culture a must

Written by Marketing Staff

Before the yearbook staff can get down to business creating the yearbook, it’s important to create the right atmosphere in the yearbook room. Developing the right culture will set the proper tone for the year.

Here are some steps that yearbook advisers and editors can take to help produce an environment that will lead to a productive, efficient team.

  • Defined roles – Make sure everyone has a job and a job description that is well defined. Everyone needs to feel like they are part of the team.
  • Organization – Staff members need to understand the staff hierarchy. When staffers know who reports to whom, everyone will be better equipped to do their job.
  • Meetings – Teams need to work together. Daily or weekly staff meetings are a must.
  • Unity – Your staff will work best with everyone pulling in the same direction. Motivate and promote student bonding with team-building activities.
  • Fun – Yearbook isn’t all about work. Yearbook should be fun. Promote fun activities. Celebrate birthdays. When you meet a deadline, celebrate the success.

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