November 29, 2005 / Winter 2005

Create your yearbook online

Written by Marketing Staff

Producing a yearbook with Walsworth Publishing just got easier.

Thanks to a new online tool from Walsworth, all you need to produce a yearbook is an internet connection. Online Advantage, reachable through, will give selected customers the means to produce their yearbook without any desktop publishing software.

“Online Advantage gives you everything you need to produce a yearbook,” said Alex Blackwell, director of Desktop Technology for Walsworth. “You can plan, create and submit the entire book online.”

Might sound too good to be true, but Online Advantage is indeed a reality. During the 2004-05 launch, the service will be used for smaller books done by some of Walsworth’s elementary school customers. By the 2005-06 school year, it will be ramped up to include certain middle school and high school customers.

You get started by selecting your cover and endsheets, then use the online ladder to map out the book’s plan.

Next, Online Advantage allows you to design pages. To help with design, backgrounds, clip-art and fonts are offered right at your fingertips. You also have the ability to upload and place photos wherever you want on a page.

Once pages are ready to be submitted, Online Advantage walks you through a final checklist and pages are then sent with the simple push of a button.

“The user has full design flexibility, just as if they were using a desktop publishing program,” said Blackwell. “There is a simple point-and-click environment with every function on the site.”

There are several perks to using Online Advantage. Most notably, no desktop publishing software means saving your school’s yearbook program that expense.

In addition, advisers can work on the yearbook from any computer that has an internet connection. If your school has a snow day, and you have internet access from home, you can work on your yearbook from there instead of trudging through the winter weather to get to the school building.

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