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Yearbook 3D

January 18, 2017 / Yearbook 3D

By mid-January, most yearbook staffs have already brainstormed the theme and concept for their 2017 book’s cover, created the artwork and even submitted it. However, that does not mean it is too late to incorporate the exciting world of Yearbook 3D and augmented reality into that same 2017 cover. Walsworth’s visual effects artists and animators…

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November 2, 2016 / Design / Yearbook 3D

Most yearbook staffs now have a few months of work behind them, which most likely means your yearbook cover has already been concepted and created. However even if your basic cover design is finished, it’s not too late to still consider adding an extra touch with Walsworth’s Yearbook 3D augmented reality platform. Walsworth Yearbooks is…

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July 17, 2014 / News / Yearbook 3D

According to a recent article from The Wilton Bulletin, senior yearbook editors Kate Bell and Andrew Lee from Wilton High School in Wilton, Conn., got the opportunity to present Wilton’s 2014 yearbook to their local Board of Education.

The Wilton staff used Walsworth’s Yearbook 3D platform and the Aurasma app to add augmented reality to the 2014 book, and show the school district something it “has never seen before.”

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June 4, 2014 / News / Yearbook 3D

Grafton High School in Grafton, Wis., used the Yearbook 3D platform and the Aurasma app to add some fun, amazing animations to its 2014 yearbook.

Not only did the augmented reality amaze students, but local TV station Fox 6 recently paid the Grafton staff a visit to do a story about this year’s book.

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