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2010 Summer Workshops

A long day two has ended at Yearbook West. My editorial leadership group delved into the issues that come with being in charge, some problem solving and an intro to Google docs.

We had fun with all 45 of us editing and “commenting” simultaneously on one document. A great demonstration of how it might be used to collaborate in real time on editing, even when students are at home.

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The opening of Walsworth’s Yearbook West Workshop in Orange, Calif., this past weekend was filled with so much nervous energy and anticipation. A little like the first day of school but magnified and encouraged.

Area sales manager Howard Dusek and the reps pumped up the crowd with music while shooting volleys of stuffed animals and other trinkets into the audience. And, as they say, the crowd went wild.

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It is exciting to see the 2011 themes emerge as kids started their yearbooks at the Sonoma workshop. We tried something new this year where the staffs consulted with all three instructors at the same time to get theme feedback before developing it. As expected we offered varying opinions which provided lots of food for thought. Can’t wait to see what the final theme packets will look like.

So far most staffs are seeking to personalize their books more, and the themes are reflecting that. We are seeing more interest in covering as many students as possible and in covering not just the superstars but everyone.

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Summer yearbook thoughts from the road, with a first stop at Walsworth’s yearbook camp in Sonoma, Calif., on Friday and Saturday.

After some fun lead by Walsworth area sales manager Howard Dusek that emphasized the importance of digging deep through interviews to find the unique stories on campus, we got down to the challenge of finding and perfecting that perfect theme/concept to drive the creation of each school’s 2011 yearbook.

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