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2010 Spring JEA/NSPA

Knowing that it is my last year in high school, and the convention in Portland was probably my last, I feel a new confidence because of the tools I have received from the convention and from my experiences in journalism in high school.

I wish to major in journalism, and I feel that I am ready for the next level. It is all thanks to my adviser Ms. Monroe and the JEA/NSPA conventions I’ve been to. Hopefully, one day I’ll be an instructor at a convention, or a keynote speaker.

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Looking back on the convention and my notes, I feel a great combination of education and experience. The seminars and the surroundings were a perfect blend.

The weather was great and the teachers just out did themselves. I was very impressed with all of the effort that the JEA and NSPA officials put forth, the convention ran smoothly and was very informative.

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Okay so after four days of non-stop journalism-filled action in an absolutely amazing city, I’m back at home, sitting in my room, which is barely lit by my dim computer screen in front of me. It’s 12:15 a.m. Yeah, it’s nice to be back with my family and friends, and I gave my mom the biggest hug after inching my way down the escalator at the airport.

But I already know that I’m going to miss these past four days… thank goodness I have my camera to trigger these memories, later on in life.

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Days seem sooooo long here!

After what felt like three hours of sleep, my alarm clock on my phone went off and it was time to get up. I was so tired I was even considering skipping breakfast, but my roommates were able to pick me up a little bit, and we all headed down to eat.

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So the long awaited awards ceremony was this afternoon, and me and my fellow classmates were just tired out of our minds. So, it was pretty funny that during the ceremony when we went to the hotel to relax because we were just so tired.

The day went on and we slept for about an hour and 10 minutes. We missed the ceremony completely.

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Before you read, let me warn you – it’s 12:15 a.m. right now, and I am unbelievable tired. Nearly four straight days of fun in this city has really taken its tole on me, so if this shows threw my righting, I apologize.

Just kidding! But seriously, I am ridiculously tired and feel like I could fall asleep within the next 30 seconds. But I’ll press on!

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After all the seminars I’ve gone to, I realize just exactly the complexity and dimensions of journalism. There are so many ways to appeal to the public in order to address news.

I am gonna major in journalism someday, so it was interesting to think how wonderful it is to be in the field of journalism. Just seeing every one walk around with either a notebook or camera in hand, it’s interesting to think that just maybe this is a bigger art than it gets credit for.

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The moment we had all been waiting for kicked off at 9:00 a.m. today. Kids with their free notepads in hand and pens in the other was the scene that participants all got to see.

However, I found it hard to get excited because, after all, I had already been walking around for the past two days. Getting up to go learn was not really the first thing on my mind. The first session I went to was about posting online newspapers and how to make the experience easier. Ten minutes into the session I felt myself thinking about lunch and what me and my friends were gonna do later.

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For the second time in the last three days, I overslept this morning. Our adviser had urged us all that we wake up by 8:15, so that we could get ready, eat breakfast, and leave by 9:15, for our 10:00 session. So you can imagine the look on my face when I got out of bed, and saw “8:46” flashing on my phone. Uh-oh.

Apparently, a minor earthquake had caused a power outage during the night, rendering our alarm clocks useless. So I grabbed my roommate, rushed to the cafeteria, ate another one of those delicious muffins and we were off to our session.

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