Tips for a successful car line yearbook distribution

Social distancing and closed school buildings have added new twists to the school year, but adviser Carey Pung of Okeechobee High didn’t let that stop him and his staff from a yearbook distribution via car line.

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May 8, 2019 / Staff Management

Updated by Walsworth Yearbooks Your yearbook staff will get some much-needed time away from school for fun, rest and relaxation this summer. However, there will also be plenty of time to squeeze in prep for next year’s book. Look into a summer workshop A summer workshop is the best place to start laying that foundation.…

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April 17, 2019 / Staff Management

Advisers with spring-delivery books often face the challenge of what to do with the staff once the final pages are uploaded. Consider having students create a portfolio, which benefits the students and next year’s staff.

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April 3, 2019 / Staff Management

Updated by Walsworth Yearbooks All the hard work that your yearbook staff has put into this year’s book – now comes the fun part. For schools that receive their yearbooks in the spring, it’s only a few weeks away from those boxes of yearbooks being delivered to school. That means your Distribution Day event needs…

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October 9, 2018 / Curriculum / Staff Management

We know that grading a yearbook class isn’t always straightforward. There’s so much to consider and many factors you don’t have in other classes. We’re here to help with our newest resource for yearbook advisers, Sooo… How am I supposed to grade a yearbook class? Download your copy to learn from four experienced advisers who…

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September 27, 2018 / Fall 2018 / Staff Management

The 2018 school year was a reminder that things can and will go wrong. From hurricanes, to devastating fires, to school shootings, to the more common but still tragic occurrences like losing a beloved teacher and student deaths, yearbook staffs across the country faced difficult editorial decisions. While nothing can prepare a school for tragedy,…

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Building and balancing staff morale is not an easy task. On the Musket staff at Orange Glen High School in Escondido, Calif., we spent a few years trying different activities, strategies and processes, and hit upon a blend of these that assisted in creating a positive, productive environment.

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