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National Yearbook Week

Walsworth National Yearbook Week Social Media Scavenger Hunt
October 16, 2023 / National Yearbook Week

National Yearbook Week has officially wrapped up, which means it’s finally time to announce the winners of the Walsworth 2023 Social Media Scavenger Hunt! We had so much fun seeing schools from all over the country show off their yearbook pride and school spirit with outstanding displays of creativity, enthusiasm and excitement! Even though National…

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Yearbook Caption Writing
October 4, 2023 / National Yearbook Week

Yearbook caption writing is vital to an effective and professional book. Your work is not done after placing a captivating photo on a spread. Every photo must have a caption as a companion to your photography. What are Yearbook Captions? Captions are concise descriptions or explanations accompanying photographs, serving a crucial role in preserving memories…

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October 2, 2023 / National Yearbook Week

It’s officially the first week of October, which can only mean one thing: National Yearbook Week is finally here! We couldn’t be more excited to kick off the week-long celebration of all things yearbook from Monday, Oct. 2 to Friday, Oct. 6 and shine a spotlight on the incredible work that our talented students and…

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Happy National Yearbook Week: Oct 3-7
October 6, 2022 / National Yearbook Week

Yearbook design is where you can let your staff’s creativity run wild while determining how to portray the tone and message of the yearbook. Understanding the “why” is where your theme work begins. We’ve compiled resources to help inspire along the way! Finding your why in yearbook design Design comes down to identity and effective…

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October 5, 2022 / National Yearbook Week

There are several methods for communicating your school’s story through design and photography; however, the most effective way to share your message is through your writing. The stories in your yearbook matter, and we want to see them captivate an audience. We have the resources and strategies to help you along the way!  Find the…

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