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Fall 2006

September 18, 2006 / Fall 2006 / Photo Quest

Back to the basics. We’ve heard that phrase in education for years. When it comes to photography and photojournalism, the leap into the digital world has, perhaps, kept us from taking a hard look at the basics of good photojournalism and the need to reinforce habits that will help yearbook photographers capture good images and continue to grow. Let’s begin.

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September 18, 2006 / Design / Fall 2006

Design rules have their place in explaining the process of design and structure to beginning designers. These rules also allow readers to easily navigate each spread. It is probably better to follow them until you are ready to purposefully break them. But when rules begin to inhibit creativity by emphasizing what “should” be done over what “could” be done, it’s time to take a risk. If you can accomplish the purpose of the rules (readability, structure, balance) in different ways, you might end up creating fresh, contemporary designs with a whole new attitude. So consider these rules to break to achieve dynamic designs with personality.

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September 18, 2006 / Fall 2006 / Theme

Every year, yearbook staffs work through the process of developing their theme and design package. It could be compared to a game, with the twists and turns of brainstorming, dropping bad ideas, adding new ideas, combining ideas, and then narrowing the choices until you have perfected the theme. So use the following game board to guide you through brainstorming (or just play a game).

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I am addicted to conferences. I love to attend the workshops and conventions, where I can learn about new ideas for yearbooks, software and writing. I always leave with something I can use in my classroom. However, when I get back into my routine of grading papers and preparing lessons, my new-found ideas get lost in the shuffle.

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