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Jill Chittum

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April 13, 2001 / Fundraising / Spring 2001

As an educator, you are probably aware there is a plethora of resources and funding that can enhance your school, curriculum, program and even personal education.

The wonderful world of grants can provide those who seek them with a wide variety of resources like computers, technology training, textbooks, money to develop new programs, and money to enhance existing programs.

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September 16, 1997 / Fall 1997 / Fundraising

Everyone has heard of having a yearbook signed after it is published, but how about before? For a small fee, students at Albemarle Road Middle School, Charlotte, N.C., were able to reserve a spot for their signatures on the class introduction and endsheet designs of the 1997 Horizons yearbook, thus sealing their place in the annals of school history.

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