Brooke Renna-Pang


I'm Brooke Renna Pang, CJE

Northern California Yearbook Representative

My Story

If “Yearbook Lifer” was in the dictionary, you’d see my picture. I’ve been doing yearbook as long as I can remember, even helping my mom cut out photos to include in my fifth grade yearbook.

By the time I graduated college, I had helped produce 10 yearbooks, as well as completed four years on my college’s newspaper staff, serving two of those as editor-in-chief. Now, I get to work with yearbook staffs throughout Northern California. I specialize in everything involved in yearbook - from design, photography, writing, marketing and technology to having fun.

I’m here to ensure that the staffs I work with produce a quality book while making a profit that can be put back into the program. Let’s meet and see what difference I can make for you and your staff this year.

Imagine the Possibilities!

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than Possibilities, Vol. 9!

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Yearbook Snap makes crowdsourcing a breeze

Yearbook Snap, Walsworth’s mobile app, makes your crowdsourcing efforts easier than ever. It is the free app for our web-based Community Upload.

Students, parents and others in your school community can take photos and quickly submit them during events, virtual learning, in school or anywhere students happen to be.

Read more about it in this article in our Yearbooks Blog.

Yearbook vocabulary - Start with A

It's never too early to start learning your yearbook vocabulary! Watch this video to get started with the letter A.

Every Thursday, visit my Instagram feed to see the newest letter.



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What People Are Saying...

Brooke makes time for you even when it is the busy season. She understands what we need and has excellent advice. During the pandemic, she was on Zoom with us until 11 p.m. getting us through some really tough pages. She's amazing.

- Casey Elsa, Adviser, Santa Rosa High School, Santa Rosa, California


What impresses me most about Brooke is her willingness to serve, to care, to open her heart to children and to be a servant leader in the classroom, serving numerous schools from Marin to Santa Rosa to Napa and beyond. Brooke is always smiling in our yearbook meetings with our class, is very happy, energetic and fun to be around. She loves to partake in sessions helping our editors fine tune our pages, improve our copy styles/fonts and overall appearance. She is wonderful at what she does.

- Greg Fister, former Assistant Principal, Novato High School, Novato, California
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