Teach fundamental yearbook design with this unit, including how to recognize good design elements, how to start a design from scratch, how to create a basic spread and the importance of packaging.


You have a theme. You even have a great cover. Now it’s time to figure out what goes on each page of your yearbook. Where to start?

Publication design is more than placing pictures on pages. It’s more than picking pretty fonts. It’s more than using green, “because it’s my favorite color.”

Good designers evolve and good design communicates. It draws the reader in, it enhances stories, it drives your well-chosen theme.

The timeline for this unit will be ongoing. Once you have mastered basic design principles, you will be introduced to more advanced design, leading you well on your way to communicating with design.

To get started, we need to look at the foundation for building an insightful eye for design by examining the following areas:

  • Observing the elements of good editorial design
  • Starting with a blank page
  • Creating a basic design
  • Understanding type
  • Creating a secondary coverage package