Before your yearbook staff can begin writing stories, they need to acquire the right information. Use this unit to learn how to interview sources and get that information.


Before any yearbook writers can start crafting their masterpieces, information for the story must be gathered. One of the most important ways journalists do this is through interviewing sources.

Actually getting out and talking to people in and around the school community is vital to your yearbook’s coverage. Students, teachers, coaches, administrators, parents – they all make great sources.

But as you get started, there are some fundamental truths about interviewing that you should understand:

  • Good interviews require research and preparation
  • The best interviews are conversations
  • Interviews need attention to (the right) detail

That all sounds sensible, right? Unfortunately, learning these principles is not always easy. They don’t come naturally for every yearbook reporter. But don’t worry, there’s an art to interviewing and every staffer can learn it.