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I'm Ashley Cole

Middle Tennessee Yearbook Representative

My Philosophy

Family. That's the word that I would use to describe my job. Not only do I have the opportunity to work for a third generation, family-owned company, but I am blessed to work with my own family each day.

The Cole family has dedicated ourselves to protecting and preserving your memories for a lifetime. Our customers are an important part of our family. They are more than just an appointment, email or phone call. We cherish the times we get to work with them, helping them create a beautiful showpiece each year to be enjoyed for generations. Family is the cornerstone of our business at each level, and we are honored that you are part of ours.

Be the Expert with Training Resources

From valuable webinars to timely reminders and marketing ideas, we have the tools you and your yearbook staff need to cover the year.

We want to make your life easier, and this page includes numerous resources to help you with your 2024 yearbook.

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What People Are Saying...

We appreciate YOU! You're like Wonder Woman and Supergirl combined. You're the best yearbook rep we could have and beyond helpful!!! You make so many sacrifices for us and all your schools!


As a first-year teacher and yearbook adviser, I truly would not have been able to make it through the year without Ashley! She has been such a great help. Every time she comes to my classroom, I feel so refreshed and full of energy. She motivates me and my students to keep pushing through and create a great product for our school to enjoy. She truly knows what she is talking about and is an expert on all things yearbook!

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Elite Weekend is a valuable addition to your theme development. Work with award-winning advisers and yearbook experts to develop your theme package and gear up for the best yearbook yet.

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