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October 17, 2013 / Fab Factor / Fall 2013

Most students and parents own cell phones, many of them smartphones with cameras capable of taking amazing photos. Think of all those cameras clicking away at sporting events, dances, club meetings, vacations, restaurants and all the myriad of places that students go. Sometimes if you want something, all you have to do is ask. And Walsworth’s Community Upload lets you do just that.

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It does not behoove the modern yearbook adviser to exercise extreme control over the middle school photographer. Granting permission to shoot the scenes as they see them can afford fantastic results. Better still, encouraging artistic license will ensure a yearbook that is thoughtful and exciting for the consumer.

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September 15, 2007 / Fall 2007 / Photography

There is a lot to learn about and assess when deciding what digital camera or scanner to buy. With any new venture, you need to learn about the product and decide what your needs are. To get you started, here is some basic digital camera and scanner information that should explain the equipment and help you determine how the equipment meets your needs. You might consider using this article to start your search online and then venture to stores.

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November 7, 2002 / Winter 2002

To help with the search for digital equipment, Walsworth offers the following list of suggested products. The following digital cameras, flatbed scanners and film scanners are currently the most popular and most affordable in their respective classes.

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November 7, 2002 / Photography / Winter 2002

Trading in that 35mm camera for a film-less digital camera may be a way out of the darkroom but it is not necessarily the path to better yearbook photos. For the exchange to work, photographers need to understand the limitations of digital cameras and the advantages of using a combination of film and film-less technologies to handle a wide range of assignments.

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