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Observe National Yearbook Week with promotions, food and fun

Written by Elizabeth Braden, CJE

Every week may be yearbook week for you, but you can officially celebrate during National Yearbook Week next week, Oct. 3-7. Walsworth and the Yearbooks Blog are already making plans to mark the week with five themed days here in the Blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.

Take time now to plan fun activities and spread the word about yearbook throughout your school. This is a good week to market your yearbook to increase sales, explain what it’s like to be on staff to aid recruitment in a few months and tout your accomplishments.

These ideas are meant to promote staff bonding, market your yearbook, help you brainstorm and relieve stress with food. Use these as a springboard to come up with your own ideas for National Yearbook Week.

  • Walsworth is recommending that schools have a signing party for distribution to create buzz about your yearbook. Brainstorm a list of items and activities that you think will entice students to come in addition to getting their yearbook. For example, how about a raffle, with cool prizes donated from your local community? Go to our Big Event page to sign up to win an autograph party and to get more ideas for yours.
  • October is Self-Promotion Month. Promote yearbook sales, and instill staff pride, with a showcase display. Use several yearbooks from last year, showing the cover and interesting spreads. Display books from five years ago, 10 years ago, and even the school’s first yearbook. Include a sign reminding students how to purchase the yearbook.
  • Give staff members free namestamping. It’s a great way to show this option off for next year and spread the word on how cool it is, so you can generate more money for your program.
  • October is Right Brainers Rule Month. Creative people think mostly with the right side of their brain. Look up characteristics of right-brained and left-brained people, and determine how many of each you have on your staff.
  • Have a work night during National Yearbook Week? October is Pizza Month, so order several for dinner and have your staff try different toppings.
  • October 4 is kanelbullens dag, or Cinnamon Roll Day, in Sweden, the country that originated the pastry. Bring the tradition to your staff and share some during class or after school.
  • October 7 is World Smile Day, created by the creator of the round, yellow smiley face. The purpose is to make other people smile. Create thank-you or thinking-of-you cards and give them with candy or cookies to all the people who help you with the yearbook – secretaries, technicians, janitors, teachers and others. Learn more at
  • Find out if students who may be interested in yearbook next year would be allowed to tag along with a photographer or reporter on an assignment during the week, so they can better understand the work.

Let us know your ideas for celebrating National Yearbook Week, and be sure to follow the Blog all next week to see how we’re celebrating!

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Elizabeth Braden, CJE

Elizabeth Braden, CJE, is the former editor of Idea File magazine. Before retiring, she was a copywriter for Walsworth Yearbooks for more than 15 years, writing articles for various marketing materials, and proofreading copy for the Yearbook and Commercial divisions. Her career included reporting and editing for United Press International and editing for Knight-Ridder Financial News. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Media News from the University of Tulsa.