November 29, 2005 / Winter 2005

Get ahead with Online Training

Written by Marketing Staff


The Technology Learning Center – TLC – is Walsworth’s new web-based training system. A yearbook staff that needs help with computer file management, Good to Go or InDesign Enhancements can get the training they need by signing up for an online training session via webcast.

The TLC is another component of Walsworth’s emphasis on education and training for its customers, said Don Leonard, Desktop Technology/sales support manager.

There are two ways to get a training session. One is to work with your yearbook representative to set up a session. This enables advisers to get training on a topic of their choosing that fits their schedule. For example, if a yearbook class is from 10:20 to 11:10 a.m., a 40-minute session could start at 10:25 a.m. This type of individualized training is great for schools, which usually do not have classes start neatly at the top of the hour.

Or, customers can go to the Members Only area of, and click on the Technology Learning Center area. Customers can see the schedule for webcasts, including topic, time and date. Click on the training session desired, and fill out the registration form that appears. The adviser will receive an email with the links and instructions for attending the webcast.

Sessions are viewed over a web link between computers, with audio provided via teleconferencing. While the Walsworth trainer can only be linked with 10 computers at a time, with the right equipment, an entire class can view and hear the information from one computer.

The interactive factor makes the training unique. During the session, the trainer can send informal assessments and determine areas where students need further review and practice.

By 2006, Leonard would like to see live, on-demand courses tailored to individual schools and yearbook representatives, and recorded training sessions in a modular format that will enable users to build on their skills.

Whether an adviser needs to get all of his students using correct file management procedures, get the most out of Walsworth’s Enhancements, or help a few student designers learn advanced tips and tricks within InDesign, the Technology Learning Center will be able to meet the individual needs of yearbook classes.

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