March 22, 2017 / New Advisers / Staff Management

Summer training and workshops are a great kick-starter for a new adviser

Written by Shiloh Scott

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a new yearbook adviser, but summer training and workshops can make it possible to start the school year prepared.

If you’re a teacher about to dive in to your first year as an adviser, carve out a few days for training (maybe July 10-12) and you’ll feel much better when you start the new school year.

If you’re an administrator, think how much smoother the yearbook will go if you’ve sent your new adviser to a workshop. He or she will be more confident, prepared and full of ideas.

Adviser Academy

Every year, Walsworth offers its Adviser Academy in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.

This year it will be at the Marriott in the historic Country Club Plaza district. Adviser Academy runs July 10-12, and there will even be add-ons!

Looking for CJE certification? Come a day early. Curious about how your yearbook is printed? Stay an extra day and tour our plant in Marceline, Missouri.

The Adviser Academy is for all skill levels, but Walsworth will include special classes especially for first-time advisers. We’ll have four instructors available, with Walsworth’s Sabrina Schmitz, CJE, focused solely on newbies.

Find out more here.

Summer Workshops

Can’t make it to Kansas City this summer? There may be a workshop near you! You’ll be able to attend adviser sessions and meet and network with other advisers.

For more summer workshop dates and locations check out our Workshop Central page. We hope to see you there!

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