January 29, 2010 / News

Yearbook brings comfort to mom on college visit

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

In her latest column at the website monroenews.com, Michigan journalist Rebecca Regnier relayed a story that perfectly sums up the value of the yearbook.

While accompanying her 18-year old son on a visit to one of his prospective college choices, Regnier came across some of the school’s old yearbooks from 1942. Inside? Pictures of her grandmother, who had attended the school and unbeknownst to Regnier, even been in a sorority.

It was a special moment for Regnier, bringing back memories of her grandmother and allowing her to learn things she never knew, and even gave her the feeling that her grandmother would be there to watch over her great-grandson at the school.

That is the power of the yearbook.

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