Waterfalls, views…What a tour!

Written by Jared Burgess

I ate breakfast today for the first time in about six months, and boy, am I glad I did. After a tasty blueberry muffin and six-ounce glass of apple juice, my comrades and I embarked on a four-hour tour, to visit Multnoma Falls and the rest of Portland’s beautiful natural surroundings. We were very lucky to have gotten the tour; my adviser scheduled it a mere 18 hours or so in advance. Thank you, Martin.

The second we all stepped on to that tour bus, a horrible stench that I’m not even going to try and describe overcame us. We were all upset about having to spend the next few fours in the smelly bus, but eventually, we became used to it. However, even if the odor had persisted, the sights we saw today would have been worth it.

The tour started with us visiting Chanticler point, which had a breathtaking view. It literally took me a few minutes to take it all in; I just stood at the edge of the cliff there, staring, thinking. I kind of had to laugh at our photographers though, who seemed to have given more attention to the moss on the sidewalk. I guess we just have different perspectives on things. I’ve got to admit though, they really captured some photos that would be perfect for our campus’ literary magazine.

Next, we got to visit this house that played some part in the Twilight movie…I could honestly care less. The girls, unsurprisingly, were thrilled. I still enjoyed the stop because it featured – guess what – another amazing view. I simply cannot get enough of this amazing terrain.

Just after I thought I had seen it all, we came to Multnoma Falls. I could only stand and stare at the bottom, my mouth gaping as the mist breezed into my eyes. The only other waterfall I had ever seen was the man-made one in the middle of the food court back at one of the local malls in El Paso.

After a few more stops, it was time to head back. We were all unbelievably tired, and hungry. I caught myself dozing off on the bus ride more than once.

Although we were still sleepy when we returned, we unanimously decided that it was time to get some food, which I was particularly excited for. So we made our way to Red Robin. I had always seen commercials for the franchise back home, but because El Paso lacked a Red Robin, I never had the chance to experience one of those burgers that looked so delicious on television. After about 20 minutes of looking back and forth on the menu, I decided on the “Flaming Burger,” or something like that. It had salsa, fried jalapenos, some zesty sauce, and a few other spicy ingredients that I can’t recall right now. It was amazing.

I just realized that this is the second time I’ve described a hamburger in my blog. Sorry. This may seem pointless, but when the convention starts tomorrow, I know that I’ll have much more to write about!

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