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Webinar: How to Finish a Yearbook While Stuck at Home

Written by Shiloh Scott

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting nearly every facet of our lives. Yearbook is no exception, and many schools received the order to remain home just weeks or even days before their final deadline. Even the yearbook staffs not facing an immediate deadline are still struggling with how cancellations are affecting their coverage – everything from spring sports to prom to graduation may not happen. In light of these concerns, Mike Taylor, CJE, shared ideas for completing the book in his webinar, “How to Finish a Yearbook While Stuck at Home.”

Gather Information Remotely

Since we live in a hyper-connected age, Taylor shared ideas for collecting information remotely.

  • Create an active social media presence.
  • Crowd source text and photos.
  • Interview over the phone.
  • Use Walsworth’s Yearbook Snap mobile app.
  • Work with your school’s administration and athletic directors.
  • Use

You Have More Than You Probably Realize

Yearbook staffs take so many photos in a year. Access what you already have for ideas. You may need access to your school’s server if they’re not stored remotely. Talk to your IT personnel if you’re not allowed on campus. Once you have access to the photos you’ve already taken, assign a staff member to look through those images. If an event is cancelled, you can even use photos of that event from previous years to highlight its cancellation.

Get Creative

Although it may not be what you planned, there are many ways to tell the story of the year. Fortunately, using a mix of layouts and coverage approaches adds visual interest throughout the book.

  • Is there a new angle to a story you were planning?
  • What are some completely new stories created by COVID-19 in your community?
  • Listen to podcasts for ideas.
  • Not all of your spreads need to be photo-based.
  • Whatever you do, prioritize storytelling.

As you work to final your yearbooks, remember to do your best to stay on schedule and meet your deadlines. Remember, the book will get done!

Learn More

During the webinar, Taylor covered ways to finish the yearbook in detail and took live questions. You can watch a replay of the webinar or find all of Walsworth’s webinars at

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