The sessions get started!

Written by Alex Uribe

So today was our first day of sessions. I really learned a lot. Most of the speakers were a lot of fun and kept them interesting.

At noon I got to help teach the session “Themes That Thrive.” Our yearbook rep, Candis, showed a lot of spreads from our book from last year, and this year. It was neat that she wanted to use our book for that. I got to explain how we kept the theme throughout our books, and why themes were important. It was pretty neat to see other people’s reactions to our book, and answer questions about it.

After the sessions, we went to see the guest speaker Tim Harrower. He was a really awesome speaker. He kept everyone really entertained, and taught us a lot. He told us about the new trends in layouts, and writing styles. It could really help a lot in yearbook, and newspaper.

We’re gonna have a lot to take back to the rest of the staff. I wish a lot more of them coulda come. Hopefully tomorrow’s sessions are as good as today’s.

After the guest speaker, we had our write-off contest. I did sportswriting and captions. It was kind of hard. The quotes and the information for the copy that they gave us weren’t the best. It made it a little hard to come up with a really good story. They also needed to make the information a little bit clearer, as some was a little confusing.

We didn’t want to waste any time while here in Portland, so right after the seven of us were done with our contests, we dropped off our stuff at the hotel, and then headed downtown. We went to a well known pizza place called “Old Town Pizza” It was pretty good. We had a good time, but our server was pretty rude. Ha that wasn’t cool. Oh well.

It was a long day! I’m pretty exhausted, ha can’t wait ’til tomorrow

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The sessions!

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