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Staffs promote the power of green on their own yearbook pages

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Troy High School green spreadAs environmental awareness takes center stage this week with Earth Day approaching on Thursday, yearbook staffs can already start thinking about how they might want to cover the cause in upcoming books.

Several staffs have already done just that by including environmentally themed coverage, or “green” spreads in recent yearbooks.

In the Student Life section of their 2009 yearbook, the staff from Troy High School in Troy, Mich., did Sherwood High School green spreada spread on the efforts that Troy students were making to “save the Earth.” Their spread included graphics asking students their opinions on global warming and a chart of interesting “fast facts” about the environment.

In their 2008 yearbook, the staff at Sherwood High School in Sandy Spring, Md., created their own “green” spread, which covered the “Green Team,” a school-sponsored group that took part in several eco-friendly activities.

If you take a closer look around your school, there might be some great “green” story ideas and groups that would make for some memorable yearbook spreads.

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Staffs promote the power of green on their own yearbook pages http://goo.gl/fb/uUEdS

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