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Level Up contest winners announced

Written by Jenica Hallman, CJE

The yearbook community has spoken and made one thing very clear: you want to Level Up.

You’ve decided good enough is not good enough. You know you can do more, be better and reach higher, and most importantly, you recognize that Walsworth is the company that can help you.

Through several very full days of reviewing entry videos, we also learned that our schools are competitive! You did not make the choice easy and had us wishing we could go all Oprah on this – you get a Level Up prize package, and you get a Level Up prize package, and you… well, you get the picture. It was hard!

Entries poured in from coast to coast across the country.

We saw students, advisers and administrators with such enthusiasm and love for yearbook; new and seasoned advisers; middle schools, high schools, private schools, public schools, rural schools, urban schools and suburban schools, each willing to put in the effort to Level Up. We saw heartfelt entries explaining how much this would mean to schools, dance routines, incredibly articulate and driven students, pop culture references like Mean Girls and the hilarious reenactment of the Dunder-Mifflin paper commercial from The Office, and we heard the myriad of ways in which you hope to Level Up. You blew us away!

That’s great, but who won?

Two schools rose to the top and have been selected as our Level Up winners! In case you didn’t see it in our video on social media, those winners are:

  • Meridian High School, Macomb, Illinois
  • Har-Ber High School, Springdale, Arkansas

These two schools convinced us they are ready to take on the challenge, put in the work and Level Up. We will be working closely with them over the next two years to focus in on and achieve their goals. You’ll be able to follow along on our blog, podcast and magazine and see the transformation.

But what about everyone else?

Our winners may be chosen, but we haven’t forgotten about the other contestants.

We encourage all of our schools to participate in some of the same training resources that our winners will, like workshops, Adviser Academy, Elite Weekends and our Yearbook Suite curriculum. You might even get to meet the winners at one of the events and hear first-hand stories about their lessons learned and experience.

We’re also compiling your Level Up goals and working with your yearbook reps to develop even more great content and resources to help you create your best yearbook. Stay tuned!

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Jenica Hallman, CJE

Jenica Hallman, CJE, is a Copywriter for Walsworth Yearbooks. Yearbooks got into her blood in high school, and she has been pursuing them ever since. She has worked in various capacities as a high school and college yearbook editor, an adviser, sales representative, plant customer service representative and now in marketing, her favorite role to date. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass media communications from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.