March 24, 2010 / Marketing

Kick-start your 2011 yearbook sales!

Written by Aimee Parsons

It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about how you are going to market and sell next year’s yearbook!  But wait… Before you stress out thinking about all you have to do, I want you to do something for me.  Just sit back, relax and imagine about how fantastic it would be to get the majority of your sales done before the 2011 school year even starts.

Think about how great it would feel to know that you wouldn’t have to rush around last minute (like you might have done this year) trying to make sure all your yearbooks are sold.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?  Kick-start-salesYeah, I know it would!  Now let me explain to you how we’re going to help make that happen!

Over the past few years we’ve heard many schools talk about how they would like a simple, easy to use plan to walk them through everything they need to do to kick-start their next year’s book sales.  That’s why Walsworth has created the Kick-Start Your Sales manual, which will do just that and is now available on Walsworth’s Marketing Help page.  The manual will walk your school through a successful book launch during back-to school/registration season.

Some of the cool and helpful things you can find in this manual are:

  • Our coveted Seven Things You Can Do Now to Zap Energy into Your Books Sales
  • Our Best Practices – which really are the best
  • Our Back-to-school Event Checklist which documents everything schools should do before, during and after a back-to-school/registration event
  • Helpful tools you can use, including all-calls, email templates, order forms and so much more

So take a few minutes, wander over to the Marketing Help page and check it out.  I guarantee it will be worth your time!

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[…] It’s been a busy week since Kick-start Your Sales was released last Tuesday and I wanted to make sure you haven’t forgotten about some of the helpful items that will greatly benefit your 2011 yearbook sales. […]

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