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By Design with Online Design: Your path to cutting out backgrounds

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Cut out backgrounds are created in Online Design by using clipping paths. The tools are located in the Page Editor’s Edit Object window.

1. With an image on a page, double-click on the image using the Selection tool.

2. The Edit Object window opens. Click the Clipping Path tab. The Clipping Path window will display a smaller version of the image’s shape. To start a new path, click the Clear Path button. If you have previously created a path, you will not need to clear the path.


3. All clipping path editing tools are controlled by the buttons in the lower left corner of the window. Select one of these two buttons:

  • Create path with rounded corners
  • Create path with angled corners

4. With the tool selected, click on the canvas to create an active endpoint.

5. The cursor will pull a line until you click a second time. Click the yellow, active endpoint to make it inactive.

6. Click the endpoint where you want to continue your path to make it active.

7. Pull the cursor along the image to create your path. Click wherever you want to leave a point.

8. When you reach an endpoint for your path, click on the point you started with to close your path. The portion of the image outside the clipping path will appear opaque.

9. You can adjust the shape of a path by clicking on one of the Move tools (Move single point at a time, Move point and its neighbors together or Add/Remove points from path). Handles will appear around the curved anchor points. Clicking and dragging a Control Handle will adjust the path in the direction you drag. 
Click Apply.


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