April 25, 2011 / News

Your yearbookers need to thank the office staff this week

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

The offices in your school would not function without the administrative assistants, secretaries, registrars and other personnel who man the phones, computers and copiers. These people probably helped you out this year with the yearbook – giving you school data, making copies, supplying email addresses and more. It’s time to show them how much you appreciate their efforts.

Administrative Professionals Week is April 24-30 this year, with Administrative Professionals Day on April 27. There are plenty of ways to show your love.

  • Maybe you have covered them in the yearbook. Print the spread and hang it up in the main office to honor them.
  • Use InDesign or Photoshop to create unique cards for everyone in the office.
  • Make a large banner and hang it by the main office door. Put something on the banner like, “A big thank you to our Administrative Professionals!”  Have each member of the yearbook staff sign it.
  • You could buy them flowers or make them tissue paper flowers with small cards of thanks.
  • Bring them donuts and make their coffee one morning.
  • Bring them breakfast. Have staff members make different muffins and provide juice, and again, make coffee for them.
  • Ask them if there are any chores you can do for them this week, such as making copies or phone calls.
  • April is Car Care Month. Go wash the windshields of the office staff.

The 2011 Theme for Administrative Professionals Day® is: This year, celebrate all office professionals, according to the International Association of Administrative Professionals, the week’s sponsor.

On its website, the group said it was appropriate to honor more people this year because, “Downsizing has forced all of us to pull together and work harder, not just the administrative professionals in the workplace. IAAP recognizes the hard work and sacrifice from everyone.”

So this year, it is appropriate to honor all of those who work in all of the school offices.

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Evan Blackwell, CJE

Evan Blackwell, CJE, is the Marketing Automation Supervisor for Walsworth. He's been a writer, editor and web content specialist for Walsworth for the past 15+ years, and is the author of the Yearbook Suite's "The Art of the Interview" unit. Prior to joining Walsworth, Blackwell spent five years as an award-winning newspaper and magazine journalist. He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Kansas.