February 26, 2024 / Photography

Use Walsworth’s 5-Day Photography Lesson Plan

Written by Danielle Finch

Teaching yearbook photography involves more than just pointing and shooting; it’s about nurturing creativity, critical thinking and technical skills. This five-day lesson plan is designed to empower staffs with the knowledge and practice they need to excel in photography for the yearbook as well as competitions like the Walsworth Photo Contest

Lesson One: Know Your Camera

In this interactive activity, students explore the functionalities of their cameras through a scavenger hunt. By navigating through manual settings, they learn to adjust parameters like aperture, shutter speed and ISO to capture the best possible images.

Lesson Two: What Makes a Good Photo?

Students delve into the rules of photography composition, such as the rule of thirds, leading lines and framing. Through practical exercises and analysis of iconic photographs, they grasp the essence of compelling imagery and apply these principles to their work.

Lesson Three: What Have You Done?

Students embark on a journey of self-reflection as they capture a series of photographs based on predefined themes. Through peer critique sessions, they analyze each other’s work, identifying strengths and areas for improvement to refine their craft further.

Lesson Four: Taking a Closer Look

Continuing their photographic exploration, students focus on refining specific techniques, such as macro photography or portrait composition. By experimenting with different styles and subjects, they deepen their understanding of visual storytelling and refine their artistic vision.

Lesson Five: Selecting The Best Image

In the final lesson, students consolidate their learning by curating a portfolio of their best photographs. Through guided discussions and peer feedback, they select images worthy of publication in the yearbook and submission to the Walsworth Photo Contest. This exercise emphasizes the importance of thoughtful selection and presentation in professional photography.

Through a combination of hands-on practice, critical analysis and collaborative learning, photographers not only hone their photography prowess but also cultivate essential attributes such as communication, collaboration and creativity. Be sure to check out this lesson plan as you prepare for photography contests like The Walsworth Photo Contest and add another layer to your curriculum with this must-have resource. 


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