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July 9, 2018 / Adviser Academy

Yearbook advisers take in knowledge on first day of Adviser Academy

Written by Shiloh Scott

The 2018 Adviser Academy began on Monday at the Marriott Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. Walsworth journalism specialist Mike Taylor, CJE, kicked off the morning’s opening session with a getting-to-know-you activity for the 100+ advisers in attendance.

Advisers wrote down their names and three facts about themselves before folding a paper airplane and throwing it out. They then met each other by finding the name of the airplane they picked up.

Taylor then went on to announce the world premiere of the Walsworth Yearbooks Podcast Network (WYPN). Taylor and Walsworth consultant Jim Jordan, who both host a WYPN podcast, were interviewed by Vice President of Marketing Alex Blackwell. They shared about their podcasts, Ask Mike and Yearbook Chat with Jim, and what’s coming up next in season one.

Following the opening session, advisers broke off into learning sessions. New advisers separated into their own track, to learn from instructors Sabrina Schmitz, CJE, Renee Burke, MJE, and Jordan.

“I want my new advisers to walk away being in love with yearbooks, or at least starting to fall in love,” said Schmitz. “I want them to feel comfortable and confident going into the year. If they can feel comfortable and confident starting the year, that’s a good place.”

Experienced advisers had the opportunity to learn about grading, interviewing, design, proofing, theme, photo composition, law and ethics, Walsworth programs and tools, and more.

“I like to see the advisers light up when we teach them something new,” said Taylor, who also served as an instructor. “When we create new programs, and present them and they work, it’s really exciting.”

Schmitz added to the thought, saying, “[New lessons are] always a big question mark until you do it once. When you’re teaching it, and you realize it’s working, that’s awesome.”

Advisers had the opportunity to exchange books and browse yearbook examples during the day. At the end of the day, advisers, instructors and Walsworth employees mingled and made friends at a welcome reception.

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Shiloh Scott

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