October 10, 2019 / National Yearbook Week / Theme

Walsworth releases new Theme Gallery eBook

Written by Jenica Hallman, CJE

“So, what’s our theme going to be for this year?”

It’s one of the first questions a yearbook staff tackles, but even once you’ve decided your theme, the question still plays out all year long as you decide how to implement the theme.

You’ve likely already decided on your theme and are busy implementing it now, but if you need a little booster shot of inspiration and examples of how staffs successfully carry out their themes throughout their books, look no further than Walsworth’s latest eBook showcasing our 2019 Theme Gallery schools. Think of it as a theme energy shot when you’re settling into an October full of deadlines, picas and subheads galore.

This year was Walsworth’s largest Theme Gallery to date, with 30 schools selected for their exceptional execution of theme. These middle schools and high schools from around the country demonstrated the spirit of their school with those few words.

They incorporated the theme into their design, their copy, their color choices, their fonts, their photography – in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an area where the theme is not evident.

Whether you want to peruse the pages on your own (talking to you introverts – refuel yourself) or want to have classroom bonding as the section editors review, our Theme Gallery eBook is perfect for an October rainy day. Visit our eBooks page to download your free copy today!

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Jenica Hallman, CJE

Jenica Hallman, CJE, is a Copywriter for Walsworth Yearbooks. Yearbooks got into her blood in high school, and she has been pursuing them ever since. She has worked in various capacities as a high school and college yearbook editor, an adviser, sales representative, plant customer service representative and now in marketing, her favorite role to date. She holds a bachelor’s degree in mass media communications from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.