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Theme ideas

Written by Jim Jordan

Catchphrase Themes From Recent Yearbooks

Beyond Belief
Student Life: “Beyond the Obvious”
Academics: “Exceeding Expectations”
Sports:”Surpassing the Limits”
Organizations:”Embracing Involvement”
People:”Unique Differences”
Ads/Community: “Beyond Boundaries”

With These Hands
Opening: “With These Hands”
Academics: “Raise Your Hand”
Co-Curricular: “Quite a Handful”
Sports: “A Winning Hand”
Extra-Curricular: “On the Other Hand”
MiniMag: “First Hand Experience”
World and Community: “Hard to Handle”
People: “Hand in Hand”
Student Life: “Out of Hand”
Advertising: “A Helping Hand”

You’ve Got Our Word On It
Student Life: “Enthusiasm”
Magazine: “The Last Word”
Sports: “Competition”
Clubs/Academics: “Expression”
People: “Hospitality”
Ads/Community: “Partnership”

Making a Statement
Student Life: “It’s How We Live”
Clubs: “It’s How We Play”
Academics: “It’s What We Know”
People: “It’s Who We Are”
MiniMag: “It’s It and ThatÕs That”
Sports: “It’s How We Play”
Ads/Index: “Period”

It Could Happen To You
Clubs: “There’s More Than One You”
Student Life: “Life is Full of Surprises”
Academics: “See It, Make It, Do It”
Sports: “Stranger things Have Happened”
Ads: “It’s the Price You Pay”
Index: “It Happened” Common Threads
Student Life: “Here We Go Again”
Sports: “Common Cause”
People: “On Common Ground”
Academics: “Common Sense”
Ads: “Tying Up Loose Ends”

Generation X
Overview: “Defining X”
Student Life: “Reality Bites”
Individuals: “Faces & Places”
Events: “Like It Is”
Academics: “Common Sense”
Athletics: “In Your Face”
Advertisements: “The Value of X”

Organized Chaos Academics: “Constant Variables”
Athletics: “Even Odds”
Organizations: “Divided Loyalties”
People: “Typically Uncommon”
Student Life: “Constant Change”
Mini-Magazine: “Important Trivia”
Index: “In Order”

Faster Than the Speed of Life
Academics:”On Your Marks”
Athletics:”Setting the Pace”
People & Clubs: “Not a Moment to Lose”
Student Life:”Shifting into a Higher Gear”
Mini-Magazine:”Going the Distance”
World and Community:”In the Blink of an Eye”

Concept Themes From Recent Yearbooks

High School is an Invitation
Rampages 1997
Events & Features: “To experience life”
Sports: “To appreciate sports”
People: “To discover people”
Clubs: “To explore the world with clubs”
Academics: “To challenge academics”
Community/Index: “To turn to the index”

American 1997
Intersection: “clubs/academics connection”
Intersection: “clubs/sports connection”
Intersection: “social/sports/events connection”
Intersection: “cultures/point of view”
Index: “To turn to the index”

Saga 1997
Events: “Enrich”
Academics and Sports: “Develop”
People and Features: “Evolve”
Community/Index: “Growth”

Hauberk 1996 “Features” “Essentials”
“Academics” “Sports”
“Rites of Passage” “Faces”
“Community” “Ads”

Crescenta Valley 1996
People and events: “REveal”
Academics/Clubs: “REason”
Sports: “REact”
Ads/community: “REflect”

Inside and Outside
Pioneer 1995

Take a Second Look
Clubs/academics/day activities: “Take a Shine To”
Sports/night activities: “Get a Second Wind”
Classes/pacesetters: “Look to One’s Laurels”
Ads/Index/Closing: “Second thoughts” Spectrum
Elkonian 1995
“Excitement * Courage”
“Tension * Aspiration”
“Artistry * Enthusiasm”
“Pride * Sentimentality”
“Devotion * Tranquility”
“Fantasy * Imagination”

First Six Weeks of School: “Embark”
October to Winter Recess: “earch”
January to April: “Endure”
April to June: “Become”

Rampages 1995
Events/on your own/reality: “Life”
Sports: “Strength”
Classes: “Voices”
Academics/ads/index: “Foundations”

I Can
The American 1995
social life:”Magazine”

The American 1994
School day/school support/
activiies:”School Life”
Fall events/fall sports/
winter events/winter
sports/spring events/
spring sports/year-round activities:
“After school”
juniors/seniors/staff: “People”
Index: “Closing”

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August 11, 2010 at 1:12 pm, Glenda Hayes said:

My staff is interested in the theme: “With These Hands.” Was this a theme you used for a yearbook at your high school? We’d love to know more about how you carried out the theme visually. If it was a book from your school, could we purchase a copy to study?

Glenda Hayes
Yearbook Adviser
Mt. Juliet High School
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

May 29, 2013 at 3:18 am, robienie Loga said:

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