September 16, 2013 / Staff Fun

Simon says yearbook for Blake Academy staff

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Every week, Blake Academy yearbook adviser Antje Wetherington brings a special friend with her into the yearbook room at the Lakeland, Fla., school.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, and other late yearbook deadline nights, Wetherington’s dog Simon joins her at school and has now become a beloved part of the Blake yearbook family.

Simon is a 10-month old English Lab who works as a therapy dog visiting local nursing homes when he’s not accompanying Wetherington to school. According to her, the social skills he has gained interacting with the students enabled him to earn his certifications.

“My yearbook kids have taught him a few tricks, take him out as needed, walk him and have basically helped me raise him to be very social,” said Wetherington.

Simon - the Blake Academy yearbook pup (Photo provided by Antje Wetherington)

Simon - the Blake Academy yearbook pup (Photo provided by Antje Wetherington)

Blake Academy is a K-8 school, so Simon’s days at school often include visits to the younger classrooms for show and tell, doing commercials for the yearbook and helping with yearbook staff fundraisers.

“My principal is amazing for allowing me to bring him in,” said Wetherington. “The kids love him so much.”

  • Heather Epps

    Simon is the most popular “person” on campus – where ever he goes you hear kids shouting excitedly “Simon!” and running over to pet him. It’s a pleasure to have him on campus.

  • Congratulations Simon! You are adorable! I love your picture! I know you will do valuable work ahead. Thanks for the heads up. Now… if I could only get my new little 5 year old puppy not to jump up and kiss me all the time…

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Evan Blackwell, CJE

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