Selfie Portraits Help

Before you start snapping selfie portraits and submitting them, there are details you should know.

Read these instructions below to make your selfie portrait process go as smooth as possible!

Photo by Lyla Edwards

Selfie Portraits Help

Thank you for your interest in using Selfie Portraits from Walsworth Yearbooks and High5.ID. Here are some additional details related to setting up and using your account.

Required items – You may have already submitted some of these.

1. Student/Staff list with the following columns:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Grade
  • Student/Staff ID number
  • Parent/Guardian email address*
  • Parent/Guardian phone number for text messages*

*Optional and only if you want reminders and portrait capture links sent directly to these individuals. If you submit a list both Parents/Guardians names only the first name on the list will be used.

Although we encourage you to use parent/guardian emails since they are typically the responsible party, you may also include student emails and mobile numbers.

2. Final deadline date for accepting new images or retakes of rejected images. All current images and data will be exported on this date.

  • Online Design schools – images and data will be automatically loaded into the Portraits area unless you tell us not to do this.
  • InDesign schools – images and data will be exported in PSPA format and sent to you as a downloadable link.

3. If you submit parent/guardian or student emails and phone numbers with your list, you will also have the option for the system to send a reminder directly to those individuals with a link to taking and submitting an image.

  • Reminders will be sent on a date of your choosing, or one week before your final deadline date.
  • Reminder will only be sent to those still needing to submit an image.

4. A mascot image to be used on your Selfie Portraits landing page and in all communications. Submit either a .jpg or .png file.

5. If you plan to sell your yearbook online through, make sure you set up and activate online sales from Members Only. Get with your local sales rep for more information on online sales if needed.

With Selfie Portraits there are currently two ways to gather student images.

1. Publicize a link to your personal Selfie Portrait website on social media, school website or send through email.

2. Send personalized links to parents/guardians via text or email.

With Selfie Portraits you also have the option to tag-team with Walsworth to manage your site or you can do it all yourself. This includes:

  • Generating a personal URL link for publicizing on social media or school website.
  • Sending emails or text message to parents/guardians through the program if emails and phone numbers have been provided.
  • Perform Quality Reviews on all submitted images before the final deadline date.

All portrait images must go through a Quality Check before being approved and added to your portrait database.

If an image is rejected the submitter will receive an email/text telling them why and instructing them to submit a new image. If we do not have their email/text, the adviser will be alerted directly.

What our Quality Review will check for:

  • Obscene gestures by subject (in general, hands should not be in the image)
  • Obscene words or images on clothing of subject or in background of image
  • Poor lighting on subject such as face has bad shadows or background is too bright
  • More than one subject in the image, this includes pets
  • Subject is too close or too far from the camera
  • Subject is blurry or otherwise image quality is not acceptable
  • Image is taken from the side (profile) or back instead of full facing front
  • Photo filters applied to the image that obviously appear to significantly alter the subject’s appearance

What our Quality Review will NOT check for:

  • Student name matches the image of the student submitted
  • Non-obscene graphics, artwork or words on clothing/background of the image that may not be acceptable specifically by that school
  • Clothing accessories such as hats, glasses or jewelry that may not be acceptable specifically by that school (exceptions being sunglasses or hats that cover, hide, or alter part of a subject’s face)

Here are some guidelines you can use to keep everyone’s portraits somewhat consistent. These same image examples are displayed to the user as they go through the Selfie Portraits process online or on their mobile device.

  • Front facing or standing pose only – sit straight up
  • Make sure the photo is from the chest up, no hands visible in the picture
  • No deliberate, crazy facial expressions
  • Stand in front of a blank, one-color wall
  • Regular clothes – no costumes
  • No writing on shirt
  • No off-the-shoulder, spaghetti strap, tank, tube, low-cut, one-strap, halter or see-through tops
  • No hats, visors, caps or head coverings of any kind
  • No sunglasses
  • No props or miscellaneous objects
  • No additional people or pets in the photo, besides the student

Selfie Portraits FAQs

Q: What if my school does not use Student IDs?
A: All students and staff members loaded into the Selfie Portraits systems (High5) must have a unique Student ID.

Q: Do I have to submit a Mascot image?
A: Technically, it is optional. However, a Mascot image will personalize your Selfie Portraits landing page that users see along with the name of your school. A mascot image will also help reassure users that the High5 email messages are real and not a scam or spam.

Q: What if more than one parent/guardian appears in the student list?
A: If a school list contains more than one parent email and phone number, we will use the first parent/guardian information provided. If the first parent fields are empty but the second fields contain information, we will use the parent/guardian information in the second fields.

Q: Can I submit student emails and phone numbers?
A: Yes. Although we want to target parents/guardians, especially if you are selling yearbooks through your Walsworth online store. Remember, Walsworth and High5.ID will not sell, give away or use personal information collected with any other entity or business.

Q: Can I perform my own quality checks and approve or reject images in the High5.ID program for my school?
A: Yes, but you will need additional training. Contact your sales rep, or email for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us directly at