October 7, 2010 / Video

Oak Park and Nana Norma provide the yearbook video of the week

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Our latest showcase yearbook video comes from the yearbook staff at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Mo., and features their school’s beloved character “Nana Norma.”

“Nana Norma” is the grandma of Norman the lumberjack, Oak Park’s mascot, and she has become a popular icon over the past year, appearing on the school’s TV broadcasts each week and on the school’s Facebook page.

Norma is played by student Schyler Tate, who puts on the wig and blue bath robe each week as a fun way to promote Oak Park High and give advice to students. Now, she’s fondly remembering her own school days and promoting the yearbook!


One Response to “Oak Park and Nana Norma provide the yearbook video of the week”

October 17, 2010 at 4:42 pm, Adeline Cabillaje said:

Nice! I can’t wait until I make something like that. I’m currently the design editor for my school’s yearbook (Totem Middle School) so I’m in charge of all the “eye candy” designs of that thing. It’s going really great right now. Great staff, I guess. Fun video by the way. Keep It Up 😀


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