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July 26, 2022 / Marketing

New school year, new social media calendar

Written by Alec Aguirre

The start of each new school year comes with a new, fresh outlook on yearbook and yearbook marketing. We have updated our 2022-23 social media calendar to help you take your marketing to the next level. Each month is designed with a variety of daily posts that encourage your staff to engage with your school community. We have also included traditional marketing tactics as well as selling tips.

Our calendar is located in a shared Google Sheets Document to make it easy to copy and paste the prompts directly to your social media. If you prefer an Excel spreadsheet, download here.

If you like to plan ahead, we included August-December posts to get you going. Try utilizing sites such as Hootsuite or SkedSocial to schedule your posts in advance.

Each category is explained on the introduction tab as well as on this blog to help your staff keep the messaging fresh and consistent throughout the month.

Daily Categories

  • Marketing Minutes: Provide a quick reminder for students and parents to purchase their yearbook. The prompts for these are fun and simple, with sneak previews of the yearbook included to generate more excitement.
  • Yearbook Impact: Shows what students enjoy most when they look through their copy of the yearbook and what it means to them. Yearbook staffs can record students providing their answers and post the video that they feel best represents what their yearbook is all about.
  • Throwback Thursday: See if students can guess which teacher is showcased from their pictures of when they were younger. These posts are entertaining and will likely have plenty of engagement from students. If enough teachers send in their pictures from the past, this can carry into the following months as well!
  • National Holidays: These posts are conversation starters to get the school community to interact with your social media page. These posts act as a catalyst to drive your community to your yearbook pages where they drive up engagement and where they will see other posts that remind them to purchase a yearbook.
  • Brainstorm Blitz: Get your staff thinking about your social media brand. These prompts will create discussions among your students to determine the best way to promote your yearbook across social media platforms.
  • TikTok Tuesday: Increase your reach by posting to TikTok and engaging with current viral trends. Boost your appearance on the “For You” page by taking viral sounds and tailoring them to the yearbook. Repost on your other pages to gain followers and reach a bigger audience!
  • Selling Tip: These days provide ideas and strategies to effectively market your yearbook throughout the school year. These tips will help extend your marketing reach from social media to other traditional marketing tactics.
  • Saturday Spotlight: Spotlighting students is an excellent way for students in your school to be recognized in front of their peers. Share three interesting facts about them to make the posts more interesting. Encourage your school community to send in their nominations to keep this spotlight a reoccurring trend.
  • The More You Know: Share knowledge! This is a simple way to encourage learning and to sneakily remind your audience to buy their yearbook at Have your staff find a fact that they think is interesting to increase the chances of the post being shared and interacted with.
  • Guessing Games & Solve the Riddle: These are a great way to attract buzz, as the winners of the contest can receive a small prize. Have your staff pick a movie/celebrity and come up with three different clues as to what it is. Have them post these clues on your social media accounts and encourage students to participate. We provided the riddles for you but feel free to mix it up!
  • Teacher Appreciation & Coach’s Corner: Encourage students to send in video clips explaining why they appreciate their favorite teacher or coach. These videos can be sentimental and/or fun stories!
  • Social Media Takeover: Get other trusted clubs and organizations involved to help promote your yearbook sales in a new way for 24 hours. Allow them to be creative and to post as many times during that period as they see fit. This will be a great way to switch up your messaging and get different audiences more involved. As a bonus, it may provide ideas for your staff to continue with after the takeover!
  • Instagram Story Q&A: Take your Insta game to the next level by introducing interactive features through IG Stories. Engage with your audience by spotlighting their opinions and showcase student responses with a tag to attract new viewers and potential followers.
  • Recruiting Reminder: Create a buzz about students who may want to join the yearbook staff next year! These prompts will encourage students to apply for the yearbook staff while showing all of the exciting opportunities current staffers get to experience this year.

We encourage you to tag and share your posts with us. We may even highlight them on our own social media as well! Let us know if you have any ideas for future months by emailing We look forward to seeing your posts, and we hope this calendar helps increase your yearbook sales and interaction with your school community.

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Alec Aguirre

Alec Aguirre is a Marketing Specialist for Walsworth and a contributing writer to the yearbooks blog. He enjoys writing and editing videos for broadcast. Alec holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Kansas.